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[VID] Itte-Q 3-Nin Otoko Matsuri

Halo! Ehem, how are you minna-san? O-genki desu ka? Has life ate you up lately? 🙂 I hope not, because I want to share about a variety show that might interest you and help form a smile (or maybe laugh) in your face: Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ! [世界の果てまでイッテq!]

This show, you can just call it Itte-Q, is a Japanese TV variety show which introduces the uniqueness and interesting things from around the world: foods, culture, nature, festivals, you name it. I know, I know, it sounds like nothing special, ne?

The truth is, I never watch any full episode Itte-Q. So, I can’t tell that the show is really wonderful or just meh ~ but, I don’t want to miss the 3-nin Otoko Matsuri segment.

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My Boss My Hero (JPN, 2006)

Kalo nonton dorama ini, jd inget perjuangan jalan jauh dihujani debu n diasapi mobil. 😀 Nemu dorama ini secara tdk disengaja. Tdnya nyari Nodame SP in Paris, tp ga ktmu. G (g: gue) beli dorama ini karena ngeliat testimoni2 org2 di DoramaLover.com. Ktnya bagus n kocak. So, g ambil d. Continue reading My Boss My Hero (JPN, 2006)