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The Perfect Poet Award 4 Poets Rally Week 30

The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 30

Ehm, I’m speechless. ^^
This acceptance post will be dedicated to Jingle, Annie, and all Thursday Poets Rally Participants.

As for my acceptance poem, I decide to share my old poem, taken from my writing.com account. This was originally made as a tribute to a gorgeous theme song of Jin Roh: Grace~Omega~. The song itself sung by a special made language. This is my fan-version of the song; a free translation from the movie and the song as a whole. Continue reading The Perfect Poet Award 4 Poets Rally Week 30


[Hello Japan!] Haiku Riddles, anyone?

This is my second post on Haiku as my July’s Hello Japan! mini challenge entry.

While searching for Haiku examples, I found out that (as quoted from mahalo.com), “Some Haiku make great riddles or puns.”

Hm, riddle? That is quite interesting, ne? Do we all need a fun way to train our brain? So, why don’t you check out this motoko.folkstales.net for more Haiku riddles. Can you answer all the puzzles?

As from me, these are my Haiku riddles for you, all dorama, tokusatsu and game lovers, all over the world. Each Haiku is based on a certain scene or dialogue in a dorama, tokusatsu, and game. Guess what is the title, and post your answer at comment form below. Ups. What? Prizes? Ahem, sorry I can’t offer you any prize, LOL. I made it just for fun :D. Now, here we go… Continue reading [Hello Japan!] Haiku Riddles, anyone?


Another poetry inspired by a melody of Yoko Kanno’s song. Titled “Sora” (taken from Escaflowne The Movie), this song is written in Spanish (please correct me if I’m wrong). It really intrigued me to make a tribute to it. The song itself tells us about the story of Gaia (Escaflowne’s setting) and choices that wait in front of the main character: to save or to destroy it. Continue reading Lullaby