[Top 5] Supercar’s Songs from Ping Pong OST

Have you ever seen Ping Pong? It is a movie about two high school students, Peco (Yosuke Kubozuka) and Smile (ARATA) who play ping-pong and discover how that sport shaped their friendship, or maybe, rivalry that might ruin their bonds. I really, really, want to review this movie… But, I really, really want to try sticking myself to schedule – a movie/dorama review per month. Maybe, posting about the soundtrack won’t hurt. ^^

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[Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

If you ever wonder about music artists who perform live as good as their recording, one of them will be – definitely- SPITZ. I’m awed by their live videos (you can check it in Youtube). They might be not as stylish as Laruku, but their music varies a lot. I mean A LOT. Name it: pop, a lil bit punk, reggae, rock, ballad, and even lazy pop (okay this is not a genre, but really, you have to check their single Apartment from Hoshi no Kakera, if you want to know what I mean). This time, I want to share my favorite songs from their album: Mikazuki Rock.

A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint)

A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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[TOP 5] My Fav. Utada Hikaru Songs

Wah, sampai juga kita di penghujung Februari 2011. Hm, masih ada 2 hari lagi si. ^^ Anyway, like usual, at 4th week in every month, I’d like to share my Top 5. This time, I’m going to share my favorite songs from one of my favorite Japanese artist: Utada Hikaru.

Cover of "Deep River"

Cover of Deep River

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[LINK]Create Your Own Songs with ACID Xpress 7.0

Yeah, I admit it, I reaaaaalllly like this free software. Its name is ACID Xpress 7.0; a music mixing and creation software. It is free to download. However, if you want to use the software and push it into its maximum limit, you have to buy it. 😉

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[Top 5] Best Songs from Capsule’s “Flash Best”

To get to know more about Capsule’s music style, I decided to hear songs from their best album: FLASH BEST.

Image Source: cdjapan.co.jp

There are 14 songs, most of them are upbeat songs that always makes me (and maybe you) want to dance ala Koshijima-san at Jumper video. :p Continue reading

[Top 5] Favorite Songs from Capsule’s Album: Player

If things go well according to plan, next week will be a VERY VERY busy week for me T.T. Hm, at least I’ve got new songs at my playlist. And, yup, these new songs are performed by Capsule, an electronica duo from Japan, with its newest album titled: Player. The duo itself consists of Yasutaka Nakata (the genius composer of Liar Game dorama soundtrack) and a female vocalist with cute voice, Koshijima Toshiko.  

“PLAYER” Cd Cover
(Image Source: cdjapan.co,jp

I found out about this duo from a commercial message at the end of Liar Game season 2. The CM said that musics from LG 2 and movie are available at this album. Intrigued by information from Wikipedia (Shibuya -Kei genre?! Yay! Yay! Yay!), I decided to check out “Player”.

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