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Ping Pong (JPN, 2002)

For these last few months, I can’t watch movie in front of my computer patiently without fast forwarding. However, this 2002 Japan sports movie succeed glue me to my seat and made me able to fight the urge to fast forwarding because, IMHO, the movie has a unique way to make us wonder, what will happen to both of the main characters. And, what is the name of the movie? Simple: Ping Pong.

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Way of Blue Sky (JPN, 2005)

Hi, everyone. Dhitzunako is back in reviewing eiga (japan movies). ^^ As part of my participation in World Cinema Series (my apologize to Caroline, sorry for being late in posting 🙂 ), I’d like to take you to Japan, where slice-of-life teen movies are common. One of them is Way of Blue Sky. Let’s check it out.

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[Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

If you ever wonder about music artists who perform live as good as their recording, one of them will be – definitely- SPITZ. I’m awed by their live videos (you can check it in Youtube). They might be not as stylish as Laruku, but their music varies a lot. I mean A LOT. Name it: pop, a lil bit punk, reggae, rock, ballad, and even lazy pop (okay this is not a genre, but really, you have to check their single Apartment from Hoshi no Kakera, if you want to know what I mean). This time, I want to share my favorite songs from their album: Mikazuki Rock.

A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint)
A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I Do Want A “Mekakushi no Kuni” Live Action #1

The awesomeness and the subtleties of the story still linger in my memories. I don’t know about you, but I do want Arou, Kanade, Namiki, and Someya Kaichou in a live action dorama. One of the reason is, I want to see Namiki and Kaichou “doki-doki” scene!! *tehehe

Okay, since I’ve never heard rumour about it, I decide to make my own “live action project”. Mmm, maybe “make my own” phrase is a lil bit off, cause -of course- I’m not a producer nor someone in Japanese TV bussiness, but at least, I want to express my dream here in my blog.

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Dhitz’s Double Review: Kekkon Doramas

Hi, hi, hi… How’s your August, minna?

First of all, I would like to say, happy fasting for all moslems in the world. May Allah the Almighty blesses us all. 🙂

Second, I’m happy to blog again and share my review on Japanese dorama. This time, I’d like to review two tanpatsu (mini series) with similar theme: kekkon (a.k.a. marriage). Their title are Ketsuekigatabetsu Onna ga Kekkon Suru Hoho (Methods for Women with Different Blood Types to get Married) and Propose Kyodai (Propose Brothers).

Now, let us begin the review.

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Seigi no Mikata (JPN, 2008)

If you’re an Indonesian, I believe you are familiar with “Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih” (Onion and Garlic? Hahahaha, I can’t find the best translation for this) story: a woman who is soooo cruel to her kind sister. Well, this J-dorama simply has that theme, but since this is dorama (and adapted from manga with same title), not sinetron, this sister slavery story turned hilarious!

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