Describing the Distance

My rally entry for Thursday Poets Rally Week 30. Hope you like it. ^^ #1 Me and You I could not reach you Gravity keeps me down here And you fly too high #2 You and Her Though oceans divide And yes, your days are her nights You'd still hold her tight #3 Me and … Continue reading Describing the Distance


[Hello Japan!] Haiku Riddles, anyone?

This is my second post on Haiku as my July's Hello Japan! mini challenge entry. While searching for Haiku examples, I found out that (as quoted from, "Some Haiku make great riddles or puns." Hm, riddle? That is quite interesting, ne? Do we all need a fun way to train our brain? So, why … Continue reading [Hello Japan!] Haiku Riddles, anyone?

[Hello Japan!] Haiku Buru-buru

I have been waiting. For this time to come at last. Hello Japan! post. This is my first attempt on joining a blog challenge. I found out this mini-challenge from Novroz's blog. And, hey, she is the winner from June round-up. Check her June's post here. Want to join the challenge? Here is the rules … Continue reading [Hello Japan!] Haiku Buru-buru