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[LINK] Free Licensed Software Everyday, anyone?

Many people like free stuffs. When it goes to using software, I believe that before you going to store and buy something, you might googling freeware or maybe try its free trial first. Anyway, you know what? Now, you may get the software that you need today for free. Yup, zero price. How’s that? Feel happy? 😉

giveawayoftheday.com, print screen by dhitzunako March 13th, 2011
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[TOP 5] They should be together, right?

Hm, what do you expect? Sometimes, your favorite couple in an anime, dorama/tv series, game, isn’t canon. And the worst part is, one of the couple becomes another character’s girlfriend/boyfriend. A fangirl may feel, “gah!” for this. And a fanfiction writer writes an AU fiction to make the couple has the story of their own…

To close this month, I’m going to list non canon couple from anime, manga, tv series, and game that (at least for me) are good to be seen together, despite their love relationships aren’t clearly stated at the medias. Continue reading [TOP 5] They should be together, right?

[Hello Japan!] Haiku Riddles, anyone?

This is my second post on Haiku as my July’s Hello Japan! mini challenge entry.

While searching for Haiku examples, I found out that (as quoted from mahalo.com), “Some Haiku make great riddles or puns.”

Hm, riddle? That is quite interesting, ne? Do we all need a fun way to train our brain? So, why don’t you check out this motoko.folkstales.net for more Haiku riddles. Can you answer all the puzzles?

As from me, these are my Haiku riddles for you, all dorama, tokusatsu and game lovers, all over the world. Each Haiku is based on a certain scene or dialogue in a dorama, tokusatsu, and game. Guess what is the title, and post your answer at comment form below. Ups. What? Prizes? Ahem, sorry I can’t offer you any prize, LOL. I made it just for fun :D. Now, here we go… Continue reading [Hello Japan!] Haiku Riddles, anyone?

[QUIZ] Which Persona Characters are You?

Kadang-kadang kita ga tau bagaimana cara menggambarkan diri kita. Mungkin itulah yang mendorong orang-orang membuat (dan mengikuti tentunya) kuis-kuis kepribadian baik yang sifatnya serius atau sekedar iseng-iseng. Nah, di hari Jum’at ini, saya mau nge-post hasil kepribadian saya sesuai karakter-karakter yang ada di game Persona 2, 3, dan 4. Not really accurate, but check them out! Continue reading [QUIZ] Which Persona Characters are You?

[Top 5] Best Live Action Adaptation from Manga/Anime/Game

Wah, ada kabar terbaru buat kalian pecinta dorama terutama dorama-dorama adaptasi dari manga. Peace Maker Kurogane akan tayang tahun 2010! Dan si imut Furukawa Yuta akan berperan menjadi Tatsunosuke, kakak si pemeran utama. Yosh, semoga bener ya beritanya. 😀
Ngomong-ngomong soal live action adaptation, Continue reading [Top 5] Best Live Action Adaptation from Manga/Anime/Game