[LINK] Software Alternatif

Halo, pa kabar semuanya? Posting dikit, ah. ;p

Btw, btw, sudah dua hari ini, saya resmi berlepas diri dari MS Office yang populer itu. Hm, keadaan juga yang memaksa. Maklum, laptop habis diserang virus dan terpaksa instal ulang. Instal ulang b****** juga ternyata tidak bisa diregister (tidak diridhoi nih tampaknya 🙂 ). Alhasil, saya segera mencari software alternatif, yaitu Open Office.

But, the big question is… berlepas diri dari yang (mestinya) berbayar, bisakah?

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[LINK] Free Licensed Software Everyday, anyone?

Many people like free stuffs. When it goes to using software, I believe that before you going to store and buy something, you might googling freeware or maybe try its free trial first. Anyway, you know what? Now, you may get the software that you need today for free. Yup, zero price. How’s that? Feel happy? 😉

giveawayoftheday.com, print screen by dhitzunako March 13th, 2011

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[LINK]Create Your Own Songs with ACID Xpress 7.0

Yeah, I admit it, I reaaaaalllly like this free software. Its name is ACID Xpress 7.0; a music mixing and creation software. It is free to download. However, if you want to use the software and push it into its maximum limit, you have to buy it. 😉

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