Persona 4 Poll: Vote Your Favorites!

Hi hi hi!!! As many Persona 4 fans already knew that the airing of Persona 4 Animation (often mentioned as P4A) that started earlier this October 2011, on January next year, I will dedicate a tribute series that talk about Persona 4. To make this tribute series succeed, I'd like to invite you, all Persona … Continue reading Persona 4 Poll: Vote Your Favorites!


[Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

If you ever wonder about music artists who perform live as good as their recording, one of them will be - definitely- SPITZ. I'm awed by their live videos (you can check it in Youtube). They might be not as stylish as Laruku, but their music varies a lot. I mean A LOT. Name it: pop, a … Continue reading [Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

[TOP 5] They should be together, right?

Hm, what do you expect? Sometimes, your favorite couple in an anime, dorama/tv series, game, isn't canon. And the worst part is, one of the couple becomes another character's girlfriend/boyfriend. A fangirl may feel, "gah!" for this. And a fanfiction writer writes an AU fiction to make the couple has the story of their own... … Continue reading [TOP 5] They should be together, right?

[Top 5] Result!! List of Unrequited Love Song

Well, well, not bad. I had 2 voter, 1 anonymous voter and I voted 2 song myself, LOL. ^^ (My bad, sorry). Anyway, if you put my vote away, there are 3 songs that is already voted; each by one person. They are: 1. Endlessly (Muse) 2. Creep (Radiohead) 3. Out of Reach (Gabrielle) Since … Continue reading [Top 5] Result!! List of Unrequited Love Song

[Top 5] Enjoying “Moon” Songs

This time I want to list my favorite songs that have the word “Moon” as their title. Let us see which one that is also your favorite. #5 Fly Me to the Moon (originally sung by Felicia Sanders) An old song with funky lyric (of course it is my opinion ^^). Why I say funky? … Continue reading [Top 5] Enjoying “Moon” Songs

[Poll] (Closed) Top 5 List Unrequited Love Songs

Hi, hi, hi. Welcome back to Across Dhitz Universe ^^ After writing several posts about Top 5 List, this thought just comes up: Why don’t I invite you -the readers- to make up the list??? Yup, this time, I need your participation guys and gals. For next month, I’ll feature “Unrequited Love Songs” as topic. … Continue reading [Poll] (Closed) Top 5 List Unrequited Love Songs