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Persona 4 Poll: Vote Your Favorites!

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Hi hi hi!!! As many Persona 4 fans already knew that the airing of Persona 4 Animation (often mentioned as P4A) that started earlier this October 2011, on January next year, I will dedicate a tribute series that talk about Persona 4. To make this tribute series succeed, I’d like to invite you, all Persona 4 fans, to join and participate in this poll. The poll will be opened until Dec 2011. The result will be announced on January 2011 and posted as part of the tribute series.

Now, let’s begin our poll with… let’s see… I’m wondering, which is your favorite Persona series, anyway? Continue reading Persona 4 Poll: Vote Your Favorites!


[Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

If you ever wonder about music artists who perform live as good as their recording, one of them will be – definitely- SPITZ. I’m awed by their live videos (you can check it in Youtube). They might be not as stylish as Laruku, but their music varies a lot. I mean A LOT. Name it: pop, a lil bit punk, reggae, rock, ballad, and even lazy pop (okay this is not a genre, but really, you have to check their single Apartment from Hoshi no Kakera, if you want to know what I mean). This time, I want to share my favorite songs from their album: Mikazuki Rock.

A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint)
A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continue reading [Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

[TOP 5] They should be together, right?

Hm, what do you expect? Sometimes, your favorite couple in an anime, dorama/tv series, game, isn’t canon. And the worst part is, one of the couple becomes another character’s girlfriend/boyfriend. A fangirl may feel, “gah!” for this. And a fanfiction writer writes an AU fiction to make the couple has the story of their own…

To close this month, I’m going to list non canon couple from anime, manga, tv series, and game that (at least for me) are good to be seen together, despite their love relationships aren’t clearly stated at the medias. Continue reading [TOP 5] They should be together, right?

[Top 5] Result!! List of Unrequited Love Song

Well, well, not bad. I had 2 voter, 1 anonymous voter and I voted 2 song myself, LOL. ^^ (My bad, sorry).

Anyway, if you put my vote away, there are 3 songs that is already voted; each by one person. They are:

1. Endlessly (Muse)
2. Creep (Radiohead)
3. Out of Reach (Gabrielle) Continue reading [Top 5] Result!! List of Unrequited Love Song

[Poll] (Closed) Top 5 List Unrequited Love Songs

Hi, hi, hi. Welcome back to Across Dhitz Universe ^^ After writing several posts about Top 5 List, this thought just comes up: Why don’t I invite you -the readers- to make up the list??? Yup, this time, I need your participation guys and gals. For next month, I’ll feature “Unrequited Love Songs” as topic. Of course, I have my own favorites, but it is nice if I also know what are yours too. Continue reading [Poll] (Closed) Top 5 List Unrequited Love Songs