J-Drama Award

Are you new to J-drama? Which drama should you watch first? Picking one from awardees lists is a good start for you. Until now, these are notable J-Drama awards that I knew.


Tokyo Drama Awards

Founded in 2008, Tokyo Drama Award is a part of International Drama Festival which give award to Japanese Drama based on its “marketability” because its goal is to promote Japanese broadcasting content to global market. For more information on the list, you may visit the link here and here.

Television Drama Academy Awards

It is an award held quarterly (season) by “The Television” magazine based on votes from the magazine readers, juries, and TV journalists. For comprehensive list, visit the Drama Wiki’s page here.

Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

It is an award given by the Nikkan Sports newspaper to Japanese television dramas based on its reader’s votes; held quarterly and annually. For comprehensive list, visit the Drama Wiki’s page here.

CONFiDENCE Award Drama Prize

The awards is presented since 2015 by “CONFiDENCE”, the weekly entertainment business magazine for corporations that also publish the latest Oricon ranking in its every issue. It has its own page here, but it is in Japanese.


That’s all for the list. I hope all of you enjoy J-drama as much as I do. 🙂




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