Kisaragi (JPN, 2007)

While browsing streaming sites on the net, I stumbled upon this movie on Kisaragi is a movie about five Kisaragi Miki's fans ~ a D-rated idol ~ who finally decided to meet and commemorate the first anniversary of her death. Hm, sounds quirky, eh? With the premise combined with casts like Shun Oguri and … Continue reading Kisaragi (JPN, 2007)

Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (JPN, 2011)

Who is the famous animator from Japan? I believe that many of you will answer Hayao Miyazaki, ne? Miyazaki-sensei and Studio Ghibli has been known worldwide and set standards of a great animation. However, in Japan, there is a man who has been called as "The Next Miyazaki": Makoto Shinkai. "She and Her Cat" and  "Voices … Continue reading Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (JPN, 2011)

King (IDN, 2009)

After I watched Ping Pong, I'm curious about Badminton movie. Badminton is one of popular sports in Indonesia and the one that made Indonesian proud because there are notable world champions from our country (though that isn't likely again now, sigh). So, bought its original DVD: KING. Directed by Ari Sihasale, does the movie succeed … Continue reading King (IDN, 2009)

Ping Pong (JPN, 2002)

For these last few months, I can't watch movie in front of my computer patiently without fast forwarding. However, this 2002 Japan sports movie succeed glue me to my seat and made me able to fight the urge to fast forwarding because, IMHO, the movie has a unique way to make us wonder, what will happen … Continue reading Ping Pong (JPN, 2002)

Way of Blue Sky (JPN, 2005)

Hi, everyone. Dhitzunako is back in reviewing eiga (japan movies). ^^ As part of my participation in World Cinema Series (my apologize to Caroline, sorry for being late in posting 🙂 ), I'd like to take you to Japan, where slice-of-life teen movies are common. One of them is Way of Blue Sky. Let's check … Continue reading Way of Blue Sky (JPN, 2005)

Dhitz’s Double Review: Kekkon Doramas

Hi, hi, hi... How's your August, minna? First of all, I would like to say, happy fasting for all moslems in the world. May Allah the Almighty blesses us all. 🙂 Second, I'm happy to blog again and share my review on Japanese dorama. This time, I'd like to review two tanpatsu (mini series) with … Continue reading Dhitz’s Double Review: Kekkon Doramas