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[VID] Cool Kiz on the Block a.k.a. Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education

Unscripted drama is sport competition.

If you agree with me, moreover love to watch amateurs gradually hone their teamwork and skills, try to watch Cool Kiz on the Block a.k.a. Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education. Cool Kiz on the Block (or starts from now, I’m going to write it as CKOTB) is a Korean variety show that facing off Korean celebrities with local sport clubs/sportsmen/sportswomen to compete in various sport. It aired first on April 9th, 2013; featured Kang Ho-Dong (MC and former Ssireum wrestler), Lee Soo Geun, and Max Changmin (idol, DBSK) as main hosts and other guests to form the Cool Kiz team.

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[VID] Spitz Official Youtube Channel

Following my previous post about SPITZ, this time I want to post about two videos’ link of SPITZ from their live concert: Jamboree Tour 2009 – Sazanami OTR Custom at Saitama Super Arena. I pick these two simply because of Tamura-san’s (SPITZ bassist) action. Hahaha, definitely love his “jump” in Ore no Subete. I just can’t help to laugh in amusement. Thumbs up!!

Update: 29/08/2013

Unfortunately the links are dead. T.T

But, hey, since Spitz has its MVs posted officially on Youtube, let me posted its latest video in 2013: Chiisana Ikimono.

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[VID] Itte-Q 3-Nin Otoko Matsuri

Halo! Ehem, how are you minna-san? O-genki desu ka? Has life ate you up lately? 🙂 I hope not, because I want to share about a variety show that might interest you and help form a smile (or maybe laugh) in your face: Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ! [世界の果てまでイッテq!]

This show, you can just call it Itte-Q, is a Japanese TV variety show which introduces the uniqueness and interesting things from around the world: foods, culture, nature, festivals, you name it. I know, I know, it sounds like nothing special, ne?

The truth is, I never watch any full episode Itte-Q. So, I can’t tell that the show is really wonderful or just meh ~ but, I don’t want to miss the 3-nin Otoko Matsuri segment.

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[Top 7] Seven Scenes of Narukami Yu ~Persona 4~

This post is written to pay my debt to you who have voted in my polling about Persona 4, especially who voted Yu Narukami as your favorites. Yup, like the title said, this post will showcases Narukami Yu’s memorable scenes; picked by me. ^^

For those who don’t know yet, Narukami Yu is the name Persona 4 anime main character. He is the same person with our “you-name-him” hero in the game version and Seta Souji in the manga version. As a main character, while playing the game, I easily like him from the start because… I don’t know… his look (maybe ??? LOL. *digetok) and his diversity in using Persona, thus making him the most playable character in the game (Of course! Or else, we can’t call him the main character ^^).

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[Top 5] Supercar’s Songs from Ping Pong OST

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Have you ever seen Ping Pong? It is a movie about two high school students, Peco (Yosuke Kubozuka) and Smile (ARATA) who play ping-pong and discover how that sport shaped their friendship, or maybe, rivalry that might ruin their bonds. I really, really, want to review this movie… But, I really, really want to try sticking myself to schedule – a movie/dorama review per month. Maybe, posting about the soundtrack won’t hurt. ^^

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[LINK] Software Alternatif

Halo, pa kabar semuanya? Posting dikit, ah. ;p

Btw, btw, sudah dua hari ini, saya resmi berlepas diri dari MS Office yang populer itu. Hm, keadaan juga yang memaksa. Maklum, laptop habis diserang virus dan terpaksa instal ulang. Instal ulang b****** juga ternyata tidak bisa diregister (tidak diridhoi nih tampaknya 🙂 ). Alhasil, saya segera mencari software alternatif, yaitu Open Office.

But, the big question is… berlepas diri dari yang (mestinya) berbayar, bisakah?

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