My White Wish List

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Minna-san, have you ever hear about the WHITE WISH LIST?

No, it is not related to anything about wanting a fair skin or white teeth.

It is a list that created by listing your new year resolution and writing them in white color so it blends with the white background.

You may see the list temporarily with the power of CTRL+A.

But the owner of the list can make it seen forever seen if he/she made enough effort to reach his/her goals then get the power of FONT COLOR CHANGE.

This month, a person nicknamed dhitz creates her WHITE WISH LIST. She’ll try her best to make her time and efforts are worth for happiness; not being ignorant like the earlier years.

To make it short:


Let’s not let wish list stay as wishes.

Let’s make them as dreams come true.

HAPPY ISLAMIC NEW YEAR 1435 H, minna-san. May Allah SWT bless you with lots of rahmah.:)

Published by dhitzunako

Dhitzunako. Female. Muslim. Masih sabar nungguin calon imamnya dateng. Ahem! Uhuk-uhuk! Ganbarimashou!

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