Goodbye, Cool Kiz Badminton team :’-)

Assalamu’alaikum minna-san.

How do you do? I hope all of you are fine.

Today, I’m going to write again about Cool Kiz on the Block. Last Tuesday, KBS World has finished airing english subbed of Cool Kiz on the Block Episode 24 (KBS itself has aired this episode 2 weeks ago). As the episode 23 informed us, the episode is the last episode of Badminton arc. Being able to win at least one whole match as a team in table tennis (ping-pong) and bowling, did the Cool Kiz team win?

!! warning !!
This post contains spoilers. If you like, please watch the episode first at KBS World’s youtube channel, then go ahead to my post.

Though it painful to hear, the guy in second badminton match (episode 17) opinion is simply telling the Cool Kiz the truth: hard work is not enough for badminton.

It also need experience.

I think his opinion is right (and suitable for any sport of course), but as the Cool Kiz has won once in table tennis and bowling, I was like… “so what?” to that guy.

But again, reality never lies: the answer of the question is no.

On August 21st, 2013, Cool Kiz Badminton team – with two months experience – lost in every badminton match as a whole team and parted.

Just. Like. That. Hiks.

Anyway, even though they lost with a 4-0 score to the Jeju-do team, the Badminton arc is the best part I’ve ever watch.

Even though it’s played with 11 points instead of 21 points and 1 set instead of best 2 out of 3 set, the game’s using the international standards so we can learn a bit about real rules of badminton. It started with the awesomeness of Nickhun jump smash (that made me wonder: are all Idols in Korea best in sports?), the -running at the back court and attack fiercely- Lee Mangi, the brotherly love of eye-brothers (Max Changmin and Jong Su), the continuous deuce in Busan with Kang Hodong and John Park, the surprising rally with ZE:A’s Dong Jun and Feeldog, the hardworking Lee Jihoon and Hwang Chansung, the pain that Cho Dalhwan held, and the tears of Lee Sugeun: they’re all worth it, guys!

You’re the best celebrity team I’ve ever seen on-screen.

Thank you for making my weeks brighter and inspired me to do better, especially doing sports to keep my health. ^^

Like Lee Jihoon wrote in his messenger next to your picture together (see episode 24), I don’t want to part with you, yet.

I’m looking forward to your reunion in the next two years (remember what Lee Mangi has said in Episode 22) and play again as a team.

Goodbye, then.

Oh, I think the right words are: See you later.

I hope in two years, you’ll get the one win that you’ve wished for.

Fighting!! 🙂 🙂

Note: The picture above captured from 24th episode of Cool Kiz that is uploaded on KBS World youtube channel. No copyright infringement intended.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye, Cool Kiz Badminton team :’-)

  1. I am now following Cool Kiz, indeed. I am a fan of badminton, I discovered the show with the special badminton episode “Badminton Returns”.
    Obviously the badminton arc is my favorite. Almost no one had played badminton before, watching their progress was very interesting. The building of the team and their chemistry was so good to watch !

  2. If you ask “are all Idols in Korea best in sports?” you should watch Idol Sport Competition or Idol Olympic..I forgot the exact title..just googling! ^^ and it really fun to watch, hehehe

    1. I didn’t watch it yet, Din, but I’ve seen Running Man’s vs Idol Olympic episodes and it is quite amused me. ^^
      My friend said that she had one or two video files of Idol Olympic. Gotta check them out soon.

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