[VID] Spitz Official Youtube Channel

Following my previous post about SPITZ, this time I want to post about two videos’ link of SPITZ from their live concert: Jamboree Tour 2009 – Sazanami OTR Custom at Saitama Super Arena. I pick these two simply because of Tamura-san’s (SPITZ bassist) action. Hahaha, definitely love his “jump” in Ore no Subete. I just can’t help to laugh in amusement. Thumbs up!!

Update: 29/08/2013

Unfortunately the links are dead. T.T

But, hey, since Spitz has its MVs posted officially on Youtube, let me posted its latest video in 2013: Chiisana Ikimono.

Want more? Visit their official channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/spitzclips

That’s all folks. Hope you enjoy the videos. ^^

4 thoughts on “[VID] Spitz Official Youtube Channel

    1. Hi there. Well, I’m still around. 🙂 Even though there are times where I went hiatus ^^. Btw, I’ve made a new blog which host my writing: dhitermination.wordpress.com. Across Dhitz Universe will focus on my reviews on, mainly, japanese dorama and music. I’ve moved your link to dhitermination.wordpress.com, since we’ve met through writing poetry. Do you mind it? If yes, I’ll link you here too. ^^

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