[VID] Itte-Q 3-Nin Otoko Matsuri

Halo! Ehem, how are you minna-san? O-genki desu ka? Has life ate you up lately? 🙂 I hope not, because I want to share about a variety show that might interest you and help form a smile (or maybe laugh) in your face: Sekai No Hate Made ItteQ! [世界の果てまでイッテq!]

This show, you can just call it Itte-Q, is a Japanese TV variety show which introduces the uniqueness and interesting things from around the world: foods, culture, nature, festivals, you name it. I know, I know, it sounds like nothing special, ne?

The truth is, I never watch any full episode Itte-Q. So, I can’t tell that the show is really wonderful or just meh ~ but, I don’t want to miss the 3-nin Otoko Matsuri segment.



Seeing these three men ~Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS), Miyagawa Daisuke (comedian), and Uchimura-san (comedian, main host)~ is one of those things that made me happier. These three men, each represent the narcissism and silliness of their age, 20s, 30s, and 40s, made their interaction funnier. The most important thing is watching them in full spirit ~participating in festivals all around the world~ it is encouraging!

To catch a glimpse of the Itte-Q’s Otoko Matsuri segment, there is one of Itte Q episode that I’ve found in Youtube. YES, they (unfortunately without Uchimura) have been in Indonesia!!!

Uploaded by K. Shigeaki

So, what do you think? Both Tegoshi and Miyagawa are determined to be the winner, né?

But, I’m curious. Is the Buffalo Race (Karapan) scripted? I mean, I think one of local participant “lost” on purpose. I’ll feel bad about it if it is true, but…

Anyway, unfortunately, while the Matsuri segment (with Miyagawa Daisuke) is a regular feature of Itte-Q, 3-nin Otoko Matsuri is not. Matsuri segment is fun, but still, without the other two, the competitive atmosphere is a little bland.  T.T (Wonder if I am bias since I like Tegoshi nagging around with his sempais. ;p )

Looking for another videos of Itte-Q 3-nin Matsuri segment? Click here.


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