This was Fiction

When Anne’s little brother is gone, she secretly believes that he is alright. He is still alive there: at the other side. That other side is never a death realm in Anne’s head. It is more literal. Yes, the other SIDE is the other dimension.

Maybe this six-year-old girl has been influenced by her father’s science fiction DVDs or her older sister’s horror comic books. You can name several reasons, but she had made her point: Josh is alive.

At Josh funeral, Anne never shed her tears; unlike her poor mother who screamed hysterically while Josh body buried to the ground.

Josh is alive, she told herself over and over.

Josh is alive.

So, when her older sister rushed her to other construction site and drowned her into the mud, she held the pain.

She saw her little brother; waving his hand from the pitch black.

 “Welcome,” he quietly said.

The sirens sang from afar.


This story is fiction. Any similar titles, names, places, and/or events are purely coincidental.

Rate and review are welcomed. 🙂



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