[Top 7] Seven Scenes of Narukami Yu ~Persona 4~

This post is written to pay my debt to you who have voted in my polling about Persona 4, especially who voted Yu Narukami as your favorites. Yup, like the title said, this post will showcases Narukami Yu’s memorable scenes; picked by me. ^^

For those who don’t know yet, Narukami Yu is the name Persona 4 anime main character. He is the same person with our “you-name-him” hero in the game version and Seta Souji in the manga version. As a main character, while playing the game, I easily like him from the start because… I don’t know… his look (maybe ??? LOL. *digetok) and his diversity in using Persona, thus making him the most playable character in the game (Of course! Or else, we can’t call him the main character ^^).

How ’bout in the anime?

Since in the anime, our silent Yu can talk, there are Yu’s personality that surprises me. In the game, I can “control” Yu as the cool-headed guy with no ridiculous teenage act . However, the anime also categorized Yu as an ordinary teenage who (sometimes) enjoying to share pervert thoughts with Yosuke (duh!).  But, anyway, at least we can get him talk now. ;p

Well, enough said. Since Persona 4 anime is already over, let me share 7 memorable  scenes of Narukami Yu that are significant for me.

Friendly Hit??-  Episode 2

How to impress a girl ^^ – Episode 5

Origami “competition” – Episode 9

Back to Life – Episode 12

Fishing Master – Episode 14

One Day King (You wish!) – Episode 15

Family – Episode 18

That is my 7 moments of Yu that I found interesting. How about you?


All pictures are screen captured for illustration only. Persona 4, Persona 4 animation, Narukami Yu, and other related copyrighted items are belong to Atlus, Index Corporation, and other Persona 4 and Persona 4 Animation copyright holder I haven’t mention here (if any). No copyright infringement intended.


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