[Top 5] Supercar’s Songs from Ping Pong OST

Have you ever seen Ping Pong? It is a movie about two high school students, Peco (Yosuke Kubozuka) and Smile (ARATA) who play ping-pong and discover how that sport shaped their friendship, or maybe, rivalry that might ruin their bonds. I really, really, want to review this movie… But, I really, really want to try sticking myself to schedule – a movie/dorama review per month. Maybe, posting about the soundtrack won’t hurt. ^^

Ping Pong is a feel good movie with great soundtracks!! Of all the songs played in the movie, I’ve found that many songs are from SUPERCAR and their songs become my favorites. SUPERCAR is an alternative rock band (according to Wikipedia) but their recent albums consist more electronica songs (you know, I love electronica ^^). And here are five songs from them that appear in Ping Pong movie.


Change is an instrumental piece that is taken from their Futurama album. It is a laid back song with electric guitar sound to set the mood. Soon, the song has more beat with the drums. The song appears while Peco (one of main characters of Ping Pong) plays against Demon (Akuma, one of his childhood friend). The song didn’t appear in Ping Pong OST CD.

– [no lyric]

Baby Once More

The song is played when Peco had running exercise with his coach. The song didn’t appear in Ping Pong OST CD.

Yumegiwa Last Boy

The ending theme of Ping Pong continues the “sweet” feeling of the movie and it helps me reminiscence a bit on what Smile did and wanted throughout the movie. The song is sung by SUPERCAR male vocalist, Koji Nakamura. It is available in Ping Pong OST CD (Track 1).


The song starts with Nintendo sound then followed by Miki Furukawa voice (SUPERCAR female vocalist and bassist). Its repetitive (and somewhat quirky) lyrics gradually form its steady beats that synch with the movie scenes (the ball hitting practice and the running…). The song saves its best part approx. 1 minutes and 12 seconds before it ends. The song fits the coming days of the ping-pong match. It is available in Ping Pong OST CD (Track 3).

Free Your Soul

A high-spirited ping-pong match combined with this song as background is simply one of the best “feel-good” scene. Free Your Soul begins with guitar with effect, a repetitive sound in the background, dreamy vocal, and in the movie, it matches with Peco’s game style. Wow. This song is taken from their single, Strobolights and available in Ping Pong OST CD (Track 15).

That’s all for today!! Have another thoughts? Tell me by commenting here.


7 thoughts on “[Top 5] Supercar’s Songs from Ping Pong OST

  1. Hi thanks for posting the top tracks of Supercar. Do you know which is the track playing in background when Sakuma is talking to Peco and then Peco jumps in the water. It’s a nice track having soft vocals, electric guitar playing in background.

    • No problem, sungin. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to have your comment. IMHO, most of japanese movies, also in this case, Ping-Pong, tends to not giving away the message/the story verbally to the audience… but, to me, it has deep impact because we kept guessing what’s the real meaning… like when Peco said, “Smile is waiting….” Waaaa…. I’m spoiling… ^^
      Oh, btw, in your first comment, you ask about other movie like this… Hm, I haven’t seen Waterboys yet, but many people said that is good.

  2. Hi! I watched ping pong, it was really good film. I’m happy to see someone liked it too because my friends didn’t like it much. Do you know another film like that?
    Oh, and I think this is my first comment for your posts. Hello for this too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, sungin. Thank you for visiting my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Hm, and may I know why your friends don’t like it and on the other hand, what do you like about this movie? ^^ I absolutely like this movie. It kept me seated nice and patiently watch without fast forwarding even though I really want to know what the ending will be. ๐Ÿ™‚
      (and I really need to review this movie (definitely) next month ^^)

    • There are lots of films have the same genre. Especially Hollywood young-competitive-sports films.. But there isn’t any film that successful in the background messages which all about friendship, rivalry, enthusiasm. Film gives the emotions under the competitive aura really naturally and you can’t be sure about the end because this isn’t the classic “main character wins in the end American film” everything could happen. I watch it maybe 2-3 years ago and now I don’t even remember exactly who wins the matches but I still remember the emotions. In every sport film races-matches are tool for giving audience the background messages but none of the western film couldn’t give me that like this. It is realistic and human. I said human because in western films I couldn’t sense this ‘human’ feeling they are so much materialist even about friendships or else.
      And why my friends didn’t like it > here, Japanese films aren’t common. And Japanese style in films is really different. The issue was handled in very different shape , the approach is different so I guess they didn’t like it because of that different style. (which was the main reason why I like eastern films more than western films.)
      I’ll wait your review for remember why I feel about this film this good even after these years and even after couldn’t recall the everything in the film ๐Ÿ™‚

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