[Top 5] Shihoko Hirata Songs ~Persona 4~

First, I’d like to apologized because I can’t keep up my resolution. T.T It’s odd that when I try to be consistent in blogging, my office kept “needing” my help. Hahai… It’s good in a way (since, Insya Allah, I’m going to North Sumatra next week. Yay!), but field work means more time to do research and analysis and less time for blogging. T.T And, I just can’t concentrate myself to write Persona in January. Hikss…

Screencapped by dhitzunako for illustration only. P4A belongs to Atlus and AIC ASTA.

Well, now, I’m going to post about my favorite songs from Persona 4 Animation, including their lyrics links. Congratulation to Shoji Meguro, Shihoko Hirata, and Lotus Juice, according to my little poll, your collaboration for P4A is one of Persona fans’ most favorite.  Now, let us sing the bridge, which is my fav. part of the song. 🙂



What was so much of transparency
Turned into bright expectation
My instinct tells me to keep going together
(Going together)


Anyway, here are my 5 favorite songs from Persona 4 (game and/or animation). All songs are sung by Shihoko Hirata.

#5 – “Heartbeat, heartbreak” and “Your Affection”

According to my little poll, both of the song make its mark at the 2nd rank of P4 Fav Song along with “Beauty of Destiny” and “Pursuing My True Self”. In order, the songs appear in Persona 4 game as cloudy days BGM and sunny days BGM. I personally love the original versions rather the Never More~reincarnation version.

lyric: “Heartbeat, heartbreak” and “Your Affection

#4 – Reach Out to the Truth

The song is acted as the lovable random battle BGM in the game and also in the animation. No wonder if, according to my little poll, it hits as the most favorited song along with “Sky’s the Limit”.

lyric: here

#3 – Pursuing My True Self

The opening of P4 game that also appeared in the first episode of P4 Animation. The lyric is quite witty: talks about media and our lives. It starts with groovy piano tune and trumpet: the combo that made this song sounds catchy.

lyric: here

#2 – Beauty of Destiny

The first ending of P4 game that, at first didn’t catch my attention, but soon grew on me. The lyric is full about positive thoughts. One of the best line is “Don’t just follow your left, find the right way.” Good word play!

lyric : here

#1 – Sky’s the Limit

Another song starts with catchy piano tune and synth beats. Combine with the opening scene (since episode 2), this song, IMHO, is the best P4 Animation OP ever; much better than the 2nd op song, “key plus words”.

lyric: here

How about you? Have another P4 favorite songs? Feel free to comment. 🙂

Note: Lyrics source  http://megamitensei.wikia.com/


4 thoughts on “[Top 5] Shihoko Hirata Songs ~Persona 4~

  1. Wow.. I like this song very much!! and I love the game too! Thanks for sharing this lyric..!! Do you can speak Japanese? 😀

    • No, I can’t speak Japanese. Hehe. I only know few words. Yay, this is my fav song too. Did you watch the anime? I think the game is more fun and livelier than the anime.

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