Persona 4 Animation: Introduction

Halo, welcome to my first blog post in year 2012.  🙂 I’d like to thank you, all of you who have cast your votes to my Persona 4 poll. Thank you. 🙂 For the result, please click here.

Okay, back to our post. In this first post, I’d like to introduce you about Persona 4 Animation (P4A). If you’re already play Persona 4 game, you’ll find that the anime’s plot does follow the game closely with a modification here and there, especially in Social Link Episodes. That’s good, since many adaptations are running to far from the original. But, does P4A worth to watch if we’ve already finished the game? Or, will it spoil the game story if we haven’t finished the game? Well, let me share my thoughts here.


Narukami Yu forced to live with his uncle, Dojima, and his cousin, Nanako in a rural town because his parents are going abroad. The town isn’t special in Yu’s eyes. The only trending topic besides the death of a famous announcer named Yamano Mayumi is a rumor about Mayonaka TV (Midnight Channel).

Intrigued by the rumor that Chie Satonaka and Yosuke Hanamura told him, Yu decided to stay awake until midnight when it rains – time where Midnight Channel will appear on TV. Sceptic at first, Yu is shocked to find Konishi-senpai (Yosuke’s acquintance) on the channel, and felt as if a person WAS INVITING him to get into the TV. And he DID! Literally! Fortunately, the TV only managed to suck his hand and Yu was strong enough to free himself.

When he told Chie and Yosuke about the incident, both of his new friends tried to prove it by bringing Yu to Junes (a Department Store whose manager is Yosuke’s father) so they can use a big screen TV to test Yu’s story. Another incident happened: all of them fell inside the TV and found that the TV world is inhabited by creatures named Shadow. With Shadows chasing and cornering them, a hidden force is awaken from Yu’s body. A form that can eliminate the Shadows. The power is called Persona.

With another TV inhabitant named Kuma (Teddie in English Version of the game) help, the three of them managed to get off the TV world. All of them think that there won’t be another chance to go inside the TV again. But, with Konishi-senpai death and a series of missing persons occurred, Yu and his friends are determined to find the killer and the connection between the incidents with Mayonaka TV, as all victims, like Konishi-senpai, did appear on the strange channel, just before they’ve gone missing.

personal thoughts

Whoa, episode 1 DID impressed me. Aside with many people said that the story is rushed and paced to fast, the fact that they keep the main story true to original and add game details like “The Calendar”, “Main Character Status Screen” (before and after commercial break), and “Eyes-Zoomed” (when calling  Persona), I think most of the fans are happy with the anime adaptation. It is interesting to see Yu played his role as a “talking” character. More episodes means more development on Yu’s character. And that is one of P4A plus points.

best episode so far

Of course, in my opinion, Episode 5!! This episodes will cover two of Persona 4 Social Links. Hm, what is Social Links? Social Links in Persona 4 means a connection between Yu and a person who holds a certain arcana. Being friends with the holder means a new power of arcana can be used by Yu. In this episode, Yu is introduced to two arcana holder- Kou Ichijo, a basketball captain who holds Strength Arcana, and Ai Ebihara, the basketball manager. Though this episode is more based on Ai’s episode (in the game, Kou’s story is more complicated than just winning a basketball match), the plot is great! It managed to show us the sides of Yu’s personality when dealing with high school problems (read: romance). There’s no fighting Shadows in this episode, but another “fight” is interesting enough to drive the story.

worst scene so far

Well, the character animation isn’t great. There are inconsistencies when it comes to the characters’ drawings. I felt that Yukiko isn’t as pretty as in the game’s 2D drawing. And, if you’ve already saw Episode 09, started from 06:59 to 08:03, you can see that Yosuke, Chie, and Kanji’s scenes are the same and animated poorly. There are no expressions, no gestures, and no eyes movements. The only animation is the character’s mouth movement when a character talks.

PS: Persona 4 game, anime, and other related copyrighted items are not mine, they are Atlus’ and other respective owners. All pictures here captured from the anime, for illustration only. None of these images or this article are for commercial use.


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