Persona 4 Poll: Vote Your Favorites!

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Hi hi hi!!! As many Persona 4 fans already knew that the airing of Persona 4 Animation (often mentioned as P4A) that started earlier this October 2011, on January next year, I will dedicate a tribute series that talk about Persona 4. To make this tribute series succeed, I’d like to invite you, all Persona 4 fans, to join and participate in this poll. The poll will be opened until Dec 2011. The result will be announced on January 2011 and posted as part of the tribute series.

Now, let’s begin our poll with… let’s see… I’m wondering, which is your favorite Persona series, anyway?

Move on to the next questions, now it is time for you to tell me about your favorite things from Persona 4.

Done. Thank you for voting! Your votes will play a major point in deciding which articles that I’ll cover on January. As usual, if no one votes, well, I’ll decide them on my own. ^^

Thanks again! See you later!

Update 29 December 2011:

This poll is officially closed!!

Waa?! I just realized that I forgot to put Naoto Shirogane name on the poll!!! So, I think I should open this poll at least until Jan 2nd, 2012, 00:00 a.m. Sorry. T.T

Thank you for voting, fellas! See you in January, a month that will be cover by four posts about Persona 4: one post every Monday! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Persona 4 Poll: Vote Your Favorites!

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  2. Assuming that one people votes for one selection, I think there are already 4 to 8 people who already joined the poll. Thank you guys and gals! The poll will last until December 30, 2011. So, don’t hesitate to vote, kay! 🙂

    • It’s okay. I think there aren’t many people will participate or read my article, except the ones who played the game or watch the anime. The anime, I admit, is more fun to watch if you already played and finished the game. As a stand alone one? Hm… let me review it when the article series start 🙂

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