[Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

If you ever wonder about music artists who perform live as good as their recording, one of them will be – definitely- SPITZ. I’m awed by their live videos (you can check it in Youtube). They might be not as stylish as Laruku, but their music varies a lot. I mean A LOT. Name it: pop, a lil bit punk, reggae, rock, ballad, and even lazy pop (okay this is not a genre, but really, you have to check their single Apartment from Hoshi no Kakera, if you want to know what I mean). This time, I want to share my favorite songs from their album: Mikazuki Rock.

A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint)

A Spitz Band Draw (Maded in Paint) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My introduction to SPITZ is from my friend back in college. I was trying to find some J-rock band who used electronic sound in their music, when my friend suggested me two bands: Acid Android and *dreng, dreng, dreng* SPITZ. However, when I heard SPITZ 6th album: Hachimitsu, hey, where’s the electronic?? Hachimitsu consists folk-pop sound that, at first, too old for me at that time (compared to Diru ^^)

But, SPITZ’s Robinson and Y were astonishing. Hidden gems. Then, Hachimitsu’s songs grew in me. It feels so relaxed to hear their songs. No wonder, Hachimitsu is SPITZ’s first best-selling album. Waw, their success is not instant!

In their 9th album, Hayabusa, SPITZ made breakthrough from folk-pop sound to more rocking sound, just what they wanted to do when they first formed the band (Masamune-san, their vocalist, DID want to do punk music, just like Blue Hearts. Yes, the one with Linda, Linda, Linda!!). Their new sound developed into an album named Mikazuki Rock (2002) that really made me fell in love with SPITZ.

Okay, enough talk. Let me recommend you their song.

#5 – Escargot

Fun beat from the start. SPITZ members are in their late thirties at 2002, yet they made a youngster’s sound. It is a pop-rock song with electric guitar + bass with steady drums. My favorite is its addictive chorus.

#4 – Garbera

It maybe too slow and depressing. But I like the “emptiness” of the song. The chorus is soooo emotional… Masamune-san, you’re the best vocalist I’ve ever heard to date.

#3 – Yoru wo Kakeru

The best SPITZ’s album opening. Like how they build this song atmosphere. With acoustic guitar in my left ear, and the electric guitar in my right ear, and others divided equal. Waa… nice one!!

#2 – Hanemono

I know this song from their best album: CYCLE HIT 1997-2005. With its “clapping hands” beat and melodic guitar that might remind you of THE CURE (but it is different though), this song is really uplifting.

#1 – Bavarois

This one is MY FAVORITE!!! SPITZ going electronica? AWESOME. You must hear it by yourself.

That’s all for today. How’ bout you?


15 thoughts on “[Top 5] My Fav. Song from Spitz’s Mikazuki Rock

  1. Gw baru menelusuri spitz setelah cherry sama robinson nya di cover sama BENI. Awal2 denger pas jadi sountrack nya Honey and Clovers. Lebih suka lagu2 jadulnya yg easy listening ky cherry,robinson,sora mo toberu..ada lg g yg kaya2 gitu? 😀

    • Udh pernah dgr semua lagu di album “RECYCLE” atau “CYCLE HIT 1991-1997” yg merupakan kumpulan singlenya? Di album best single tsb ada lagu “Spider”, “Unmei no Hito”, n “Kaede”. Dan di Hachimitsu ada “Ai no Kotoba”, “Luna Luna”, sama lagu melllow bgt “Y”. Di album lain yg lebih baru, ada lagu “Ai ni Iku Yo” di album “Souvenir”, “P” di album “Sazanami”, “Wakaba” di album “Togemaru”, “Teku Teku” di album Orutana. Silahkan dipilih. 🙂

  2. gw jg fans banget sama spitz, lagu-lagunya emang keren. btw, album indigo chiheisen , lagu hayate sama niji o koete paling keren dah, gak bosen-bosen dengerinnya.

    kalo lagu spitz yang instrumental (lagunya kyk angklung jawa gitu) judulnya apa ya? gw dulu punya, tp kyknya hilang dicari cari kok gak ada di hdd

    • Btw, Spitz mau ngeluarin album baru looh, September nanti. Yay!!

      O ya, nama lagu instrumental yang dimaksud adalah “Uchuu Mushi” dari album Hayabusa. Hope it helps. 🙂

  3. heard bavarois today…and god! its amazing.. immediately looked it up on google and your blog showed up! n it made me so happy knowing there are people who know this song
    your favorite 5 are indeed quite special.. my favorites as well 🙂
    listening to spitz gives me a feeling like nothing else does..
    will be following your blog for more fun stuff! 🙂 xx

    • Yay, thank you for visiting my blog. I agree with you, spitz IS unique. And Mikazuki Rock is my fav album so far. Have you heard their previous albums?

    • Yesss! love them.. especially hachimitsu, fake fur and hayabusa…
      mikazuki would be no. 1 for me too coz i loved yoru wa kakeru and escargot the most..and now bavarois too..
      and following in line are many others.. damn! there are so many 🙂

    • Triknya mudah kok. Buka Mediaplayer, cari album bestnya, puter yang track 2, pasang telinga baik-baik dan ketemu deh. :))

      Ga… ga segitu hapalnya kok saya sama lagu2nya… *jadi malu

  4. Pingback: [VID] Spitz: 8823 and Ore no Subete from Jamboree Tour 2009 – Sazanami OTR Custom « across dhitz universe

  5. berhubung downloadan jd ga tau yg mana.
    Lumayan enak2 sih lagunya. lagu kedua itu kata2nya dimulai dgn ‘Osana ii …ga jelas ngomong apa… sakerarena ii mama, kamisama no kage osorete’

    • Oh itu Sora mo Toberu Hazu, lagunya jadi track 2 di album kumpulan single mereka: RECYCLE.
      Iya, lagu-lagunya enak buat santai2, terutama siang2 begini, tehehehehe… 😉

    • Yang mana, yang mana? Yang RECYCLE atau yang CYCLE HIT? Menurutku yang bagus tu CYCLE HIT 1997-2005, soalnya single-single yang masuk album itu ga semuanya ballad. Tapi dibandingin album Best-nya, Mikazuki Rock paling The Best. ^^v
      Dari album Mikazuki Rock, yang masuk The Best cuma yang sempat dilepas jadi single: Hanemono, Mizuiro no Machi, ma Sawatte Kawatte. Yang masuk Top 5 kali ini cuma Hanemono. ^^

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