I Do Want A “Mekakushi no Kuni” Live Action #1

The awesomeness and the subtleties of the story still linger in my memories. I don’t know about you, but I do want Arou, Kanade, Namiki, and Someya Kaichou in a live action dorama. One of the reason is, I want to see Namiki and Kaichou “doki-doki” scene!! *tehehe

Okay, since I’ve never heard rumour about it, I decide to make my own “live action project”. Mmm, maybe “make my own” phrase is a lil bit off, cause -of course- I’m not a producer nor someone in Japanese TV bussiness, but at least, I want to express my dream here in my blog.

(Pic of MnK cover – tenmanga.com)

Aaaand, first thing first, let me show my result of treasure hunting yesterday.

What do you think? Does he look like Arou Naitou?

M.Yuya’s Pic – tokyograph.com and Arou’s Pic – tvtropes.org

I haven’t seen Matsushita-san as a whole in a drama role yet (seriously, I need to re-watch Tokikake 2010, his character there didn’t caught my eye), but I think he has the charm. The only difference is his chin.

The next one, after seeing her in Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo, I think Riisa Naka can play as Eri. Hahaha, okay, I admit that i only pick her because her hair in that dorama. ^^

R. Naka’s Pic – dramacrazy.net and Eri’s Pic – tvtropes.org

I still can’t find J-actors and actresses to star as Kanade, Ezawa, and especially Someya Kaichou and Namiki. T.T

Mikako Tabe has the innocent face just like Kanade, but I’ve never seen her with short hair. I’ve seen Masaki Okada with his hair waved just like Ezawa, but he isn’t that cool (I think). I want Kimito Totani or Yuichi Nakamura to play Namiki but I think that is just my wishful thinking (since they don’t have Namiki’s figure in them). And Someya Kaichou, I’ve never seen J-actress that just looks like her image. T.T

So… what do you think? If you love Mekakushi no Kuni (a.k.a Land of the Blindfolded, a.k.a Beyond the Blindfold) and also want it to be live action, I invite you to join this tiny project by suggesting the actor/actresses here. ^^

PS: Final Distance (Utada Hikaru) as theme song, what do you think? *wink wink


4 thoughts on “I Do Want A “Mekakushi no Kuni” Live Action #1

    1. Yay, I’m glad I found those pictures. I hope someday a dorama producer would make MnK into live action. I think it wouldn’t be hard because it is a down to earth story (with a psychic twist). And it supposed to be dorama; a two hours movie won’t show the characters subtle development. ^^

      If only there is One Piece live action, are you in or not, Nov? *just curious 🙂

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