Seigi no Mikata (JPN, 2008)

If you’re an Indonesian, I believe you are familiar with “Bawang Merah, Bawang Putih” (Onion and Garlic? Hahahaha, I can’t find the best translation for this) story: a woman who is soooo cruel to her kind sister. Well, this J-dorama simply has that theme, but since this is dorama (and adapted from manga with same title), not sinetron, this sister slavery story turned hilarious!

Title – Seigi no Mikata (Ally of Justice)
Year – 2008
Episodes – 10
Cast – Yamada Yu, Shida Mirai, Mukai Osamu, etc.
Original Media – Seigi no Mikata (manga) by Hijiri Chiaki

s t o r y

Let me introduce you to Nakata Makiko (Yamada Yu). She is a government employee, always on time in doing her job, smart, fashionable, has a nice tall and slim body, you name it! Seems like a perfect picture of modern woman, né? However, wait until you see her selfishness, she’ll become an evil in a blink of eye ^^. Nakata Youko (Shida Mirai) -her younger sister- is the one that knows about her sister’s real personality. Makiko often makes Kumako (“Bear”) -Youko’s nickname (guess who gave her that name^^)- do things, even the most impossible thing, just for Makiko’s selfish wish. If Youko tries to refuse, as big sister who knows everything about Youko weaknesses, Makiko easily threatens her. Her favorite line (and with her really cruel mimic^^) is, “Kumako, now go!” (Kumako, ikuwayo!).

Sounds like sinetron? Do not worry, the sinetron part stops there.

Despite the evilness of her sister (most of them are toward Youko and other people who interupts Makiko’s activity) Youko is dumbfounded by how Makiko’s bad attitudes bring other people to good luck! All of these make people recognize Makiko as a straightforward person and thus, an Ally of Justice (Seigi no Mikata). 😀

Knowing that she can’t win her freedom if Makiko always around, Youko does her best to make her sister marrying a nice, smart, and handsome man: Yoshikawa Naoki (Mukai Osamu). Will Naoki fall in love to Makiko as Makiko does to him? Will Youko gain her freedom? The answer is…. well, why don’t you watch it by yourself? ;p

p e r s o n a l – f a v o r i t es

While other people think that Riku and Youko’s pair is cute, I’d say, Makiko and Naoki is even cuter!!! Why you ask me? It is because this “hard to believe but it happened” marriage is one factor that drives this dorama. Come on, who won’t love Naoki’s face when he saw Makiko’s “kindness”?

I think both of them perfect to each other. I mean, opposites attract, né?^^

Episode 9 and 10 will test their love together. And if you fully get into both episodes, you’ll know that even the perfect husband isn’t that perfect (guess what?). However, I think this drama maker should give Makiko (and maybe also Naoki) a “turning point”, so we can fully grasp what Naoki discover at the end of dorama.

p e r s o n a l – t h o u g h t s

Few people has this negative comments: “It has no moral, why the evil always wins?” As for me, I don’t think so. Even though this series has that facade, it is loaded with many positive insights, such as bonds with family and other people. I think we also need to be “selfish” (read: honest) to get what we really want (of course in doing right things ^^), or else, we won’t be happy as human.

Ssst… should I read its manga?

I’ve read first five chapters and it seems that dorama version took manga’s scenes, one by one, and modified each of them into a whole and solid episode. Dorama version, in my opinion, is much more better.

p e r s o n a l  s c o r e

I’m to lazy for describing one by one aspect now, but, oh, here I go. The theme is not special but it is executed in funny way (even though it isn’t funny as Nodame Cantabile or My Boss My Hero); the characterizations are strong, but didn’t develop too much; do not expect of special visualization/camera technique, music is so-so (Youko’s theme is fun, though), opening is okay, episode 9 and 10 is good, but the ending, I think they can polish it a little bit (Naoki’s sentence is good, but I can’t feel him rediscover love there T.T). The whole episodes are fun to watch, but not that fun to re-watch them again and again. So… my score is…. *jeng jeng jeng*……..

Final Score: 3.0*


1,0 – 1,9 = Don’t even try to see it, ever!!!
2,0 – 2,9 = You may see it, on your own risk though
3,0 – 3,9 = Entertaining to watch. Try to see it.
4,0 – 4,9 = Must See!!!
5,0 = Absolutely Superb!!!

PS: Seigi no Mikata is no way mine. It and other related copyright items belong to their respective copyright owner. The title screen picture is published here for illustration only.


2 thoughts on “Seigi no Mikata (JPN, 2008)

    • Is there any fable in your country about a woman that really hates her sister and tend to made her sister doing all the work for her selfishness, too?
      Thx 4 visiting.

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