Kimi no Tomodachi (JPN, 2008)

Finally, my treasure hunting ended up few weeks ago after some searching here and there. ^^ Yay! I’ve finished watching Kimi no Tomodachi a.k.a. Your Friends (a.k.a Kimi’s Friends, which is, IMHO, a false translation over the net) and am satisfied. If you’re tired of cheesy love story, massive brutal action scenes, excessive lusts that confuse us to what love is… well, this movie might be the one to fresh up your mind.

 This movie is directed by Ryuichi Hiroki, a former “pink-movie” director. But, don’t worry, this movie is completely clean and safe to watch with the whole family. It tells us about Emi (Ishibashi Anna) -an introvert girl- and her friendship with Yuka (Kitaura Ayu) as well as other peoples around her.

s t o r y

Based on a novel by Kiyoshi Shigematsu, this story begins with the curiosity of a young reporter named Nakahara (played by Fukushi Seiji who is suprisingly handsome here ^^) about Emi and her clouds photography. Bit by bit, Nakahara finally makes Emi opens up and tells him (and of course us-the audience) about Yuka-her bestfriend- and the main reason of why Emi just love to take cloud pictures.

Through flashback, we learns how Emi and Yuka be friends, how friends come and go, and how hard someone tries to walk in the same pace with other people. For some people, friendship is important. On the other hand, some people are too shallow in defining what friendship is. And that’s how the life goes…

p e r s o n a l  f a v o r i t e s

Kimi no Tomodachi contains five stories about friendship; four of them are told in flashbacks. My favorite arc, which is happened to most of girls friendship (let alone the health problem), is Hana’s arc. A classic: your friend or your lover? Which one that you’ll keep? Don’t we all know the real answer?

The other part that I like is how the director reveals how Nakahara manages to be one of Emi’s closest peoples. Guess, who are Emi’s first and second valentine?

p e r s o n a l  s c o r e

Ideas and Story Development: 3,5*

The story moves in stagnant tempo, almost without conflict, which could make people who hate drama get bored. This movie is simply about friendship with normal problem that could happen to us or anyone around us. A light movie about the joy and pain in life with things to reflect from it.

Casts and Characters: 3,5*

Most of the characters live in gloomy state, but not overacted. My favorite will be Hana (Yuriko Yoshitaka) because her character here diverse from easy-going girl to someone who faces her loss in friendship. Emi’s character is flat, but it is required to show the audiences that she isn’t interested in anything else except her closest people.

The Music: 3*

The opening – Hello, Goodbye by Matsuzaki Nao – is nice. One of the strongest tune other than The Lucky One by Au Revoir Simone (played as Nakahara asking Emi in front of the school). The BGMs aren’t memorable though. The ending theme, Tsunaide Te by Hitoto Yo, is way too ballad for me.

Visualization: 4*

Love, love, love the camera works. There are many long shots that shows us the calmness of the environment.

Opening and Ending: 3,5*

The opening, eh? Love how Nakahara has his way to be friends with Emi. ^^ The ending… hm… I wish it won’t be end just like that. Oh well.

Total Score: 3,5*

1,0 – 1,9 = Don’t even try to see it, ever!!!
2,0 – 2,9 = You may see it, on your own risk though.
3,0 – 3,9 = Entertaining to watch. Try to see it.
4,0 – 4,9 = Must See!!!
5,0         = Absolutely Superb!!!

Title picture is presented here for illustration only. Kimi no Tomodachi and other copyrighted related items belong to their copyright owner(s).


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