[Top 5] Radiohead Best Song

Cover of "The Best of"

Cover of The Best of (Source: Amazon.Com)

Do you recall these song titles: Creep, Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, and Paranoid Android? Do you recall Thom Yorke’s voice in your head singing those songs? Yup, yup, this time, I’d like to share my favorite songs from Radiohead. Radiohead is one of many bands from the land of England. With its alternative rock genre, Radiohead has already released eight albums until 2011. If you want to hear some of their hits, you can grab their “The Best Of” album that contains songs from “Pablo Honey” to “Hail to the Thief”. IMHO, I’m a little bit disappointed to see that “Thinking About You” and “Nice Dream” aren’t included.

Okay, these songs are my version of Top 5 Radiohead Songs. Let us start with number…


Thinking About You

This acoustic song tells us about a man that likes a girl and wonders why he can’t be beside her (or why she can’t be there beside him. Tehehe. That’s what I think about this song. Simple, short, and catchy.


Let Down

This is my anthem of being sad and left out. T.T Haha, the lyrics really strike me. It is all about being disappointed, down, and crushed like a bug. Heu…


Karma Police

The piano, how Thom Yorke sings, and the video; perfect dark combo. I still can’t figure out about the real meaning about the song, but I think it is all about karma. This is what you get when you messed with us. Ha! Cool!


Fake Plastic Trees

At first I think this song is about unrequited love, but the song grew on me as a song about living in a fake life. An irony of life, I think. We try to make our dreams come true, create our own reality, but end it up with the “if” and only “if”. That is how an unrequited love goes and our other dreams that has yet to come true.


Paranoid Android

The first song that introduced me to Radiohead is this damn cool and rocking song! I can’t tell anything more than cool melody that is built from the start.

Now, it is your turn to share your favorite Radiohead songs. 🙂


3 thoughts on “[Top 5] Radiohead Best Song

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  2. This is a fun list…hehe I want to do the same thing in my blog, probably on wednesday or Thursday.

    Love your list, Fake Plastic Tree is totally awesome. So melancholy and beautiful. Karma police is also interesting. Paranoid Android needs several hearings to get into my heart.

    I’ll choose the songs first, but I don’t think we have something in common here 😉

    • Yay, can’t wait to read your version of Radiohead’s Best Songs. ^^
      I try as best as I can to list five of their songs that have different style. I should put Idiotheque, You, High and Dry, Airbag, etc… but, oh well… This time, it is reaaaallly hard to choose just five. ;p

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