[LINK] Free Licensed Software Everyday, anyone?

Many people like free stuffs. When it goes to using software, I believe that before you going to store and buy something, you might googling freeware or maybe try its free trial first. Anyway, you know what? Now, you may get the software that you need today for free. Yup, zero price. How’s that? Feel happy? 😉

giveawayoftheday.com, print screen by dhitzunako March 13th, 2011

Why don’t you click this cool site’s address:

Giveawayoftheday.com is a site that I stumbled upon few months ago while browsing a freeware site (I forgot what it is, sorry) that displayed this site’s ad. Everyday, this site offers you a special licensed software to download, for free. Not just that, you can also have a licensed game to download with no price. However, the free download link is only available for 24 hours. So, get what you want quickly.

However, like I said before, you may get the software that you want today, but you also may not. The free software and game are predetermined by the site team. Today, you may find that the offer isn’t your taste, but, who knows that tomorrow you’ll be glad that you visit the site and thank the team. ^^ That’s why you have to keep your eyes on this site’s updates everyday.


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