[LINK]Create Your Own Songs with ACID Xpress 7.0

Yeah, I admit it, I reaaaaalllly like this free software. Its name is ACID Xpress 7.0; a music mixing and creation software. It is free to download. However, if you want to use the software and push it into its maximum limit, you have to buy it. 😉

I’m using its free version and enjoying it. Even though I’m not that talented as Yasutaka Nakata, Moby, or Telepop Musik, I kinda like my own creation. So far, I’ve mixed two electronica songs. Both are created by editing ACID’s 8pack free loops and free loops from ACID Planet.

Send the Signal

Send the Signal is the song I created last Sunday. It is a simple song. I use 5 loops and divide them into 9 tracks (out of 10 tracks that are provided by ACID Xpress 7.0 free version). You can download or listen to it here.

Monotone Life to Live

This one is my second song, created by me at approx. November 2010. This one may sounds simple too, but I mixed it seriously. I forgot how many loops and tracks in this song (I deleted its working file by mistake T.T). All I can remember is the main sound is a loop that I cut and edit its pitch. You can hear and download the song here.

That’s all. I hope you can spare your time to listen and feel free to review it here.

Have a nice week!!! 🙂


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