[Top 5] It’s Mellow Time – My Choice of Songs

It is the end of September 2010, and this month is my month of doki-doki yet sad as well. Ahem.

Anyway, it is been a long time since I posted a “Top 5”. Now, I want to share my top five of calm and comforting songs. Most of them will be acoustics songs that will relaxing your mind with their melodies.

Okay, okay, without any hesitation, let us start the countdown.

Y by Spitz

Has a dark tone at the beginning, with lovely high voice by its vocalist. The lyric is kinda sad, but giving a hope too.

I Will Love You by Sarah Slean Fisher

I just love the piano and the lyric. Very simple; it is all about the certainty of loving someone, but yet, a doubt of being loved -or not. Weeew…. And… I just found out that the real artist is a band named Fisher!!! Funny thing is, why  almost all lyrics site refer to Sarah as the singer??? @.@

Enrai by Do as Infinity

My most favorite from a team of brilliant three (Nagao Dai is still a member, right?) is this song. It has a beautiful melody of an acoustic guitar starts from the beginning through the end. Van Tomiko’s voice is also superb here. For my ear, there was no missed-pitch-tone from her. I don’t know, but for some DAI’s songs, sometimes I feel her voice is a lil bit off the key. Wonder if that’s her style ;).

Angel’s Tale by Hyde

A perfect fairy tale songs, with fairy tale melodies, with an oujisama-voice by Hideto Takarai a.k.a Hyde. Roentgen, despite many people said it is too slow and boring from a vocalist of the dynamic L’arc en Ciel, is my favorite album from him. This is my second favorite song from the album after Shallow Sleep. The guitar is so smooth. It is like an enchanting sound that definitely will invite you to the world of an Angel’s tale.

Ophelia by Ibadi

I never get bored listening to this. There was a time where I just play this song, over and over till I finally asleep. Like Angel’s Tale, Ophelia is a song that will definitely fits as a soundtrack of fairy tale. The truth is, every songs from “Songs for Ophelia” -Ibadi’s mini album where this song is available- are flow like a staged-play drama. If “Angel’s tale” soothing sounds comes from guitar, Ophelia’s beauty lies in its piano tune and ethereal voice of Horan.

That’s all. Now let me hear your voices. Which songs do you like? Or have any other recommendation?

8 thoughts on “[Top 5] It’s Mellow Time – My Choice of Songs

    1. Hehe, maklum, sehabis kuliah, temen yang nyuplai hal perjepangan tak ada *hehe. Baru2 sekarang aja aktif lagi melihat-lihat.^^ Baru lihat ni, tapi yang PV bahasa Inggris. Sama ga?

    1. This is “Enrai”‘s youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OFNhVaIOTU

      Menurut gue sih, pilihan nadanya timeless… However, it is a slow song, same as Angel’s Tale.
      Secret Letter is a great song with rich instrument! The one with accordion right? I like the song too. It should be my 2nd fav song from Hyde, but it makes me feel depressed sometimes… so I pick Angel’s Tale instead. 😉

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