The Girl who Leapt Through Time (a.k.a Toki o Kakeru Shojo)

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Have you seen an anime titled “The Girl who Leapt Through Time” (warning: all  links here may contain spoiler) or Toki o Kakeru Shojo? With its positive responses, like many fans out there, I also expect its sequel -a 2010 live action version, starred by Makoto’s seiyuu: Riisa Naka.

However, do you know that this anime (based on novel with same title) wasn’t the first adaptation? Yup, according to wikipedia, the first adaptation  are its 1972’s tv series, followed by its 1983’s movie (starred by Tomoyo Harada). As if those weren’t enough, the novel is being adapted again in 1994 (TV Series), 1997 (Movie), and 2002 (television film, starred by one of Momusu members: Natsumi Abe).

From all the medias mentioned above, I watch the anime first, fall in love with the story and characters, then start to hunt the earlier versions while wait for the 2010 sequel.

I only manage to find its 1983 movie version, and… well, I feel a bit disappointed. I don’t mind the 80’s style that appears at the film, but the story felt too shallow and flat.

Anyway, let me review both -the 1983 and 2006 version- for you.

Story & Characters

1983 version

Kazuko Yoshiyama is a high school girl that has an usual happy life, along with her two childhood friends: Kazuo Fukamachi and Goro Asakura. Well, that is before an incident at school laboratory made her unconscious that led her to something that she never imagine: leaping time.

before the incident – 1983 movie

2006 version

Makoto Konno is a happy-go-lucky high school girl that has an usual happy life, along with her two best friends: Kosuke Tsuda and Chiaki Mamiya. Well, that is before an incident at school laboratory made her fell and being hit by books that led her to something that she never imagine: leaping time.

before the incident – 2006 anime

The Time Leaping

Haha, yup, the main theme of both version is somewhat similar. However, the similarity stopped there. The rest is, hm, 1983 version highlighted the theme of “Love that travels time”, while 2006 version is more like “What will you do if you have the power to leap through time?”

Both sound interesting right? But, for my taste, I prefer how 2006 version story flows dynamically, much better than the 1983 version. How Makoto leaps is also more makes sense. She’s got a certain device to activate it. How ’bout Kazuko? Mmmm, for me, how a certain scent of chemical could make her leap is not making any sense at all. (Was it only me who think about this? Feel free to tell what do you think. ^^)

The 2006 version really use the theme well. The girl who leapt the time, right? So, most of the story will be how Makoto actively leaping through time to time. While Kazuko’s leaping version is more passive. Leaping time is never been her wish (exception goes to her final leaping time). I don’t know about the story in original novel though. So, in my opinion, even though the anime is a spin-off, watching Makoto saying “Yosshaah” is much more fun than seeing Kazuko ‘s depressed face in 1983 movie. Hehe.

The Love Story

Both version has a similar love story. Makoto’s and Kazuko’s lover is the *******. Haha, I don’t want to spoil it. Hehehe. But the only thing I want to tell is that I hate Kazuko’s object of affection. I hate him. Really. How could he have done such manipulation? It is so unfair for the other guy. T.T

Poor guy no.1 – Even the moment of truth doesn’t help him T.T (1983 movie)

Makoto’s version of doki-doki scene is hilarious, funny but also has bittersweet twists. In fact, I enjoy all the scenes. There are love triangle, but I really can’t blame any character here. It is all because Makoto’s decision, so she must bear the result, right? I’m glad she realizes her feeling. Though it is kind of too late, but it is better than nothing at all. ^^

Poor Guy no.2 – the moment of truth that scares Makoto ^^ (2006 anime)

The Music

Well, nothing really impressed me. The 1983 version has singing scenes (Oww, I can’t stand it. Haha, I really hate the couple. I heart the other guy. T.T). While the 2006 anime has two theme song. One song is played during the last decision that Makoto made, and the last is played during the credits.

Technique and Style

Final Time Leaping Visualization – 1983 movie

Of course, what can you expect for the 1983 version? I can’t really tell that the effects are bad, because the earthquake scenes is thrilling. The 2006 version, thanks for being made as anime, is better to visualize the time leaping.

Final Time Leaping Visualization – 2006 Anime


Now, let see.. if I should give score for both version, I’d say 2* for its 1983 movie and 4* to its 2006 anime.

So, if you’re curious to Toki o Kakeru Shojo, why don’t you watch the anime version and have a fun leapt through the time. ^^

Anyway, if you still aren’t sure yet, check Novroz’s post here.  And reading it is the reason I re-watch the anime and write this review (Finally, after months. Tehehe).


23 thoughts on “The Girl who Leapt Through Time (a.k.a Toki o Kakeru Shojo)

  1. Hello (I wonder if you’ll read this, especially like six years later)! Anyway I just wanted to say that it is a little unfair to compare these films. The 1983 film was adapted directly from the novel and follows it pretty closely. On the other hand, the 2006 film acts as a sort-of sequel or retelling of the novel. I liked both films, but for different reasons (the 1983 one for following the story and the 2006 one for giving a new soul to the concept).

    1. Hi, Macy. Thank you for reading. 🙂
      Yup, I admit that it is a bit unfair. As a personal review, my post will not safe from personal judgement. I just found that – as a stand alone movie (I didn’t read the original novel yet) – the anime is more likable for me because the story involves more people than in the 1983 movie, thus the time leaping effect and consequences is more stressed in the anime.
      Btw, have you watch the 2010 movie sequel (about Kazuko daughter) and the ongoing re-telling J-drama (with different names)? I’d love to hear your opinion. 🙂

    1. Its popular title on the net is Time Traveller. I think it is already out on DVD (try Amazon). But, if you want to watch it first before buying, try this search term on google:
      mediafire: time traveller 2010 .mkv
      then pick the link that you like (Since, I’m not the owner, I’m not responsible for any harm of clicking those links, so, make sure you’re aware, pick links that safe according to your anti virus, and protect your computer ^^)

    1. Yes, and not just one version! The latest movie is a sequel of the original movie and already released in Japan at 2010. I haven’t seen it yet. If you have, in the future, let me know what you think, kay? Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. Interesting to read your comparison of these two film versions. The older one does look very 80s, but the anime looks great. I’ve never seen it but might have to try it at some point.
    Thanks for taking part in the Hello Japan! mini-challenge.

    1. The new movie will be about Kazuko’s daughter, trying to find her mother first love (as told in the 1983 movie).
      If you click the link at my comment below, you’ll find its review. I’m so curious about what will the movie looks like, because the reviewer give 10 out of 10 stars!!

    1. Chiaki memang lovable ya? 🙂
      Sayangnya film tahun 2010 ga dari animenya. Fokus ceritanya lebih ke pencarian anak Kazuko akan cinta pertama ibunya tersebut. Kalo cuma ngeliat sinopsis, kayaknya sih cuma balik sekali ke zaman itu. Mana pemeran cowoknya mm… not my type. :p
      Udah liat trailernya?

    2. Iya, beda. *saya juga agak kecewa, padahal penasaran juga liat aktor yang bisa maenin ketiga karakter utama di animenya.
      Menurut saya sih, teasernya kurang seru… wehehe…
      *kenapa komen lo jadi di bawah gini ya, sepertinya saya salah klik sesuatu @.@

    3. kan kalo ga salah, film itu dah tayang Maret di Jepang. Sama kayak Liar Game movie yang sekarang dah ada link d/l-nya. Mungkin bentar lagi udah beredar nih filmnya. *ngarep mode: on

  3. Nice comparison!! I’m going to link your post to mine as soon as I go to warnet to upload more stories in my blog 😉

    Hmm it seems that the 1983 movie is more love story than sci-fi. I hope the 2010 movie will be much better

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