[Top 5] Best Songs from Capsule’s “Flash Best”

To get to know more about Capsule’s music style, I decided to hear songs from their best album: FLASH BEST.

Image Source: cdjapan.co.jp

There are 14 songs, most of them are upbeat songs that always makes me (and maybe you) want to dance ala Koshijima-san at Jumper video. :p

If you’re new to Capsule, I think, this album is the best thing to hear. The good thing about Capsule (in this case, in Flash Best album) is you’ll notice that most of the songs have that similar beat of synth drum, but Yasutaka Nakata-san is able to mix electric guitar, synth string, acoustic guitar, and other elements that make each song still have its own characteristics.

Anyway, this is my Top 5 Songs from “Flash Best”

Jelly (rmx ver.)

What I like:
Despite the heavy industrial sound, I like how Yasutaka Nakata add the piano sound to highlight the beat. It is a nice pop-dance tune to hear.

Starry Sky (ties with Jumper)

What I like:
In both song, Toshijima-san is actually sing the same lyrics all over and over again. In Jumper she sings in three different notes and tempos.  In Starry Sky, the part where she sing is the most great part of the song. Both have powerful beat from start till the end. However, both are maybe too noisy for those who doesn’t like electro-dance music.

Glider (ties with Dreamin’ Dreamin’)

What I like:
Both songs have sweet lyrics too and both deliver the happy and dreamy kind of feeling.

Sugarless Girl

If Nakata puts piano in jelly, here he starts the song with a nice melody of acoustic guitar. This is my favorite song of Liar Game OST ever (unfortunately, the song doesn’t appear in full version in dorama and isn’t included in official Liar Game OST). Anyone know at what episode this song’s played? ^^

more more more

What I like:
Wow, 80’s feel. The most distinctive sound from the album so far. It may be too   noisy for you, but I like how Nakata-san executes the song style. Smooth and sexy ^^.

Now, let me hear your favorite songs from Capsule. I’m new to them, some recommendations will be helpful.^^


16 thoughts on “[Top 5] Best Songs from Capsule’s “Flash Best”

  1. i like all 5 songs you mentioned. In my opinion though, Capsule’s compilations don’t have all their best songs. “Adventure” from the More! More! More! CD, “Electric Light Moonlight” from Flash Back, and “Reality” from Sugarless Girl, are probably my 3 favorite Capsule songs and they’re nowhere to be found on their compilation CD’s, which is fine with me though, I made my own Capsule compilation

    • Yes, I agree with you. Not just Capsule’s compilation, many “Best” albums is actually Singles compilation: not compiling the favorited ones.
      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  2. Nakata is responsible for Perfume. I’m also loving his latest – Kyarypamyupamyu. Haven’t checked out Meg or the other couple of side projects he has on but I’ve worked backward from KPP, to Perfume, and now to Capsile and I can’t get enough!

    • Thank you for commenting. At first, I dislike Perfume for their “too cute vocaloid” vocals… but their songs grew on me, especially songs from JPN album. 🙂

  3. yg bikin gw kecantol sama capsule pertama kali adalah plastic girl yg remix nya.. hahaha

    dan tetep favorit sampe sekarang plastic girl.. bikin pengen goyang mulu.. 😀

    • Dari album cutie cinema replay ya? Hehe, masih banyak album capsule yg belum kudenger. lebih enak remixnya ya? Lounge Designer Killer juga lebih bagus remixnya daripada yang asli. Lebih seru aja beatnya. Thx atas komennya ya. 🙂

  4. I don’t know either but Phony Phonic is their best album for me until now and I really want them to create more songs like that too. They sounds very fresh and…cute ^^. Btw don’t you listen to Perfume? They have good songs too, and some of those are cute happy melodies like Sugarless girl. My fave are Kasuka na kaori, Nee, Linear Motor Girl and Plastic Smile ^^

    • I’ve heard only one of their song. I forgot the title, but it is sung by Kumako in Seigi no Mikata (karaoke scene)… ah, Polyrhythm? Ya. I think I should try to hear more song from them. 🙂

    • Yes, songs from Phony Phonic are great too ^^. Hello is the short song from Player album, right? It’s cool too.
      I really hope that Capsule will vary their songs like in Phony Phonic, rather than their industrialized sound in their new album. But, it is just me. 🙂

    • Lagu yang ada di flash best dan muncul di movie Liar Game adalah:
      1. Jumper
      2. Glider
      3. Flash Back

      Gue biasa d/l di music.soso.com, walo tulisan di site itu ga gue kenal (haha) tapi langsung ketik aja di kotak search: capsule, trus pilih mo mp3 ato wma (versi hemat, tapi bagus kualitasnya), lalu pilih lagu deh.

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