H2 ~Kimi to Itahibi~ (JPN, 2005)

Haaa… I’m glad it is weekend!!! Tehehe. To celebrate my “finally my task is done even for a while” thing, guess I’m going to post a review of a sport dorama. Like most of my reviews, this dorama is an adaptation from a manga. This time, it is adapted from H2, a manga by Adachi Mitsuru.


Kunimi Hiro (Takayuki Yamada) has once decided to give up both his love: to baseball  and to his childhood friend. He is diagnosed to have a glassy elbow so he won’t be able to play baseball again, while Amamiya Hikari (Ichikawa Yui) -his childhood friend- is  having a relationship with his best friend: Tachibana Hideo (Tanaka Koutaro). Entering  a separated high school and joining soccer club, we all think that he is going to get a different path from what he is fated for: to play baseball at Koshien and win back his  love. And all of those chances are happen after he meets this girl: Koga Haruka (Ishihara Satomi)…

personal notes

Baseball isn’t the main course of this dorama. It tells us more about friendship, sweet  high-schoolers love, and the happiness of pursuing a dream. Despite of that, all the love thingy isn’t told in a cheesy way. Yes, we have sad moments as well. But (this is why I love dorama more than sinetron), all characters manage to move on to reach another happiness. So, if you like high school drama and light humor, you can watch this.

Comparing it to the manga, I think the ending is better. Well, if you read the manga,  you’ll get a subtle ending that might make you wondering what will be happen next. In its dorama counterpart, the ending is quiet clear enough, enough to make it full stop but still giving an impression like, “Ahh… So that’s how it goes…” So, it is fun to see them both.

personal favorites

For my favorite male characters, you can read it here.

But, my favorite character overall is… Koga Haruka.  The best scene that involves her is when she wants to see the speed of Hiro’s pitch from batter box. Ishihara Satomi has this genuine happy smile that make me as watcher also feel the warmth and spirit of the series.

And the most fun to see is how Hideo tease Kine (Ishigaki Yuma). LOL. You should see it for yourself to know how baka Kine is. ^^

personal score

Ideas and Story Development: 4,5*

Good phased dorama, not too fast and not to slow either. I think the director and scriptwriter are able to condense 3 years of events in 11 episodes well. I only read few last chapters of the manga to see how the ending differs from dorama, and decided that I like the dorama’s ending better than the original. The reason why I didn’t give 5* is because there is a conspirative scene that is almost as cruel as the ones we’ve seen at sinetron. Tehehe. Thank God, the resolution is solved in a good way.

Casts and Characters: 4,5*

Despite the differences in appearance between the manga and dorama, but the casts act well. Many says that Hideo’s characters is not as cool-headed as in the manga. Hmm, I think that is because we need it to make Hideo realizes his weakness. In the manga, don’t feel that he is sorry for what he “have done” to Hikari.

Hm, my objection of this is… why Hiro have to be a fan of ecchi stuffs. T.T. Don’t worry, the dorama is quiet safe, but the mags are annoying me. The second is Hikari’s character. I agree with most of H2 manga fans: dorama’s Hikari is a little bit “evil” to be a two timer ^^.

Musics and Sounds: 5*

Naoki Sato rules!!! After his works on Good Luck!! really impresses me, this time he is successful to make me liking his works more. Themes like “Freedom (Opening)”, “Gloria”, “Pluck up Courage”, “Signal”, and “Landscape” are my favorites. The ending theme, “over…” by K is also great.

Technique: 4,5*

Nearly perfect!!! Everyone look so convincingly play as pros!!! Thanks to how the shots were taken. Even though we know that the stadion isn’t as full as it seems or the ball is CG works, I’m satisfied with that. Ups, but if you look here, you’ll find a fun fact about the 9th episode of this dorama.

Opening and Ending: 5*

All episodes are nice to watch. I never get bored watching it, because I love how the atmosphere is built from the first episode to the last one.

Overall Score: 4,7*


1,0 – 1,9 = Don’t even try to see it, ever!!!
2,0 – 2,9 = You may see it, on your own risk though.
3,0 – 3,9 = Entertaining to watch. Try to see it.
4,0 – 4,9 = Must See!!!
5,0         = Absolutely Superb!!!

Note: All H2 things and other copyrighted items are belong to their respective owner. Picture presented above is used for illustration, no copyright infringement intended.

16 thoughts on “H2 ~Kimi to Itahibi~ (JPN, 2005)

  1. punya subtitlenya min?
    ane download udah susah, dapet Eng sub eh ternyata ga ada subtitlenya…
    padahal nyari2 link buat donlot susahnya minta ampun, udah pada broken smua..

    1. Wah, saya juga pernah nonton yang hardsub alias subtitle nempel sama filenya. Belum pernah lihat ada yang upload softsub-nya. Gomen ga bisa bantu kasih info.

  2. permisi…??? minta tolong kalau ada yang punya subtitle bahasa indonesianya bisa dibagi tidak….??? he…he..nda lancar bahasa ingris, jadi penasaran kata-kata diepisode tarakhir…he…he…maaf sebelumnya…

    1. Maaf saya ga punya sub indo-nya T.T Saya juga nontonnya pake sub inggris (hardsub) jadi kalo ada yang kurang paham, ya saya buka kamus/nge-google, hehehe.
      Btw, bagian mana yang bikin penasaran? *jadi penasaran juga

      Thx for visiting here.

  3. wawawa…. review yang bagussss…! Waktu nonton dorama ini emang ga bosen-bosen, pengen lanjut terus sampe akhir episode. Klo soal OST, itu yang belum terjamah, hehehehe.. Jadi kangen pengen nonton lagi.. 😀

  4. Hoho ganti lay out nih 😉

    Btw, gw ngetag lo buat 10 hal yg ngebuat dirimu happy.

    Hmm H2 bagus ya? belum pernah nntn, aga menghindar dr film2/dorama2 olahraga krn kadang suka lebai nyalahin aturan gitu

    1. Iya nih, ganti suasana. Yup, gue udah liat post-nya. Insya Allah weekend mau ikutan nulis nih.
      Maksudnya lebay nyalahin peraturan apa ya? Memang sih ada adegan yang mungkin klise kayak lawan yang ga sportif, tapi herannya, dorama ini mengalirnya bagus dan bikin semangat. Porsi sportnya imbang kok sama dramanya. Uniknya, ini diangkat dari manga shonen tapi rasa shojo, jadi lebih ke seinen kali ya…

    2. Gw ga tau kalo soal olahraga lain…tapi gw SANGAT paham basket, smp kesalahan2 kecilpun gw tau aturannya.

      Waktu itu prnh ada drama taiwan, kl ga slh, ttg basket…gw iseng nntn pas pertandingan dan benar aja kesalahan fatal semacam flagrant foul dianggap gapapa. Lgsg gw matiin TVnya. Dlm basket kesenggol tgn aja udah foul apalagi ngedorong org. << ini yg maksudnya lebai n nyalahin peraturan olah raga. Gw kdg msh bs nntn yg non-basket, tp kl dah basket no thanks deh. Kecuali kl komedi…namanya juga komedi jd wajar kl lebai

    3. I see, I see. Di sini sih pihak ga sportifnya modusnya ga seperti itu. Mereka membuatnya rapi seolah murni kecelakaan. Ya, tapi gue emang ga ngerti baseball sih, hehehe.

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