[TOP 5] They should be together, right?

Hm, what do you expect? Sometimes, your favorite couple in an anime, dorama/tv series, game, isn’t canon. And the worst part is, one of the couple becomes another character’s girlfriend/boyfriend. A fangirl may feel, “gah!” for this. And a fanfiction writer writes an AU fiction to make the couple has the story of their own…

To close this month, I’m going to list non canon couple from anime, manga, tv series, and game that (at least for me) are good to be seen together, despite their love relationships aren’t clearly stated at the medias.

Now, let us just start.

Updated list: July 31st, 2010.

Hisoka and Machi from Hunter x Hunter

This “lovable” psycho (heee???)named Hisoka. Well, I can’t accept the fact that many HxH fans say that he is a gay. No… No… No… That’s why i love the fact that Hisoka IS flirting with Machi in HxH TV series episode 41 and 42. ^^ Too bad, Machi kinda resists him. Hohohoho…

Inui Takumi and Saya Kimura from Kamen Rider 555/Faiz

Their first counter was cute. Their moments was subtle yet beautiful. The moment of parting is… Why oh why… Even Saya didn’t manage to say goodbye… Hix… Hix… I don’t like how the series made Takumi looked so close with Mari after Saya’s death… Gah!!!

Nara Shikamaru and Temari from Naruto

One of the reason that got me caught in Naruto series is the episode which had Temari fought Shikamaru at Chuunin exam. What do you expect? Even though Shikamaru lose the battle, he impressed me. And left the hint that there must be something about the forfeit. Along in the series, I found their other moments that leaves more hints on their relationship. Well, I’m not really sure they will be canon couple or not, let us just wait until Kishimoto finish the “seemingly never ending” Naruto.^^

Pil Seung and Yu Jeong from Oh! Phil Seung, Bong Soon-Young

I hate how the story made Yu Jeong fell in love with Pil Seung, only to be rejected by the man.  Half midway towards the end, I almost believe that maybe, this couple will have a happy end. But, yeah, I’m such a fool. Just by looking at the title of this K-drama, we all know what is going to happen, ne?

Namiki Masahiro and Someya “Kaichou” from Beyond the Blindfold (Mekakushi no Kuni)

They both suffered from heartbreak. Hm, you can’t blame them for loving Kanade and Arou. They both also lovable. My first interest for both of them is the scene at the rooftop, after Kaichou is rejected by Arou. The way that Namiki said that he will still love Kanade and how Kaichou said that Namiki is a tough person too is really beautiful in a sad way. Few volumes after, we’ve got scenes of them together: Namiki is helping Kaichou for a festival. How Namiki protect her from the wind, lend her his jacket, and even asks her to dance… I love them both. Hope that someday Tsukuba-sensei make a one shot comic for their resolution. ^^

Do you have your favorite “they should be together, but they don’t” couple? Feel free to share your opinion here.

Ja mata ne!

7 thoughts on “[TOP 5] They should be together, right?

  1. Kalo ga salah sih pernah liat fanfic mereka. Vivi ma Luffy sih jiwa bertualang (ma nekatnya) sammmaaa…. Hua, dah lama ga baca One Piece. Tehehe.
    Luffy ma Robin… Hmm… belum sempet liat chemistry-nya (baru baca n nonton sampe Crocodile itu… waaa… jauh banget ya T.T).
    Tapi mending dari pada Robin dan Sanji.
    Kira-kira Oda-sensei tu tertarik ga ya bikin sedikit bumbu romansa di One Piece? 😀
    Selama ini sih, manga shonen jarang banget yang keliatan pasangannya siapa. Paling-paling cuma Samurai X (Kenshin dan Kaoru).

    1. *gubrak* itu sih jauh bgt…jd ga blum tau betapa asiknya liat Robin yg cuma senyum2 kl liat Luffy lg melakukan yg aneh.

      Gw sekarang lg membaca ulang One Piece dr volume 1 smp 55…tiap tahun gw emang selalu ngulang Manga no.1 gw itu.

      Whuaaaa jangaaaaan!!! jangan smp deh Oda nulis2 cinta picisan dalam Manga terhebat karangannya itu. Sore wa Dame desu!!!

  2. hahaha,,, sumpeh gw ga ngerti pembahasan ini karena ga pernah nonton anime ato dorama yang diatas ituuuuh.. hehehehehe.. tapi bisa ngebayangin kok rasanya,, 😀

    1. Hehehe, pernah nemuin kasus ini di dunia nyata ya? Rasanya gimana gitu, pengen nyatuin couple itu tapi apa daya, takdir di tangan Allah SWT.
      Ah, karena lo komen, gue jadi inget pasangan Phil Seung ma sekretarisnya di Oh Feel Young. Itu juga tuh, harusnya mereka yang jadian!!! T.T
      Emang ga pernah nemu “pasangan” lain yang mestinya bersatu di dorama/K-drama lain? Hm, apa lebih sering setuju sama pasangan utama ya?

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