[Hello Japan!] Haiku Buru-buru

I have been waiting.

For this time to come at last.

Hello Japan! post.

This is my first attempt on joining a blog challenge. I found out this mini-challenge from Novroz‘s blog. And, hey, she is the winner from June round-up. Check her June’s post here.

Want to join the challenge? Here is the rules (copied from Tanabata-san’s -this challenge’s creator- site):

WHO Anyone, anywhere, who is interested in Japan is welcome to join in.

WHAT A monthly mini-challenge (except December) focusing on Japanese literature and culture.

WHERE It is hosted here at In Spring it is the Dawn.

WHEN A new topic will be posted at the beginning of every month.   You have until the end of the month to complete the task for that month, and submit the link to your post to be eligible for that month’s prize. (If you don’t have a blog but would still like to play along, you can write a comment on the Hello Japan! post for the month telling us what you did to complete the task, or you can email me (inspringthedawn at gmail dot com) and I’ll include it in the wrap up post at the end of the month.)

WHY To experience a little taste of Japan no matter where you live, and to learn more about the fascinating country that is Japan.

Wew, at first seeing the July challenge, I was like…. “Oh, oh. I don’t know anything about haiku!!” T.T … then decided to not joining the challenge this month. But, my curiousity wins. And Tanabata-san is very kind to give some clue and advice so all you can join the challenge. So, after seeing “How to write a Haiku” and “Haiku for People“, I think I’d give a try on writing a haiku.


And this is called,

Haiku Buru-buru”

(previously titled as The Hayaku Haiku)

Hurry up, my love.

Morning will not wait for us.

Nor the setting sun.



Hope it written well. Yet original in words. Hope you all like it!!

(‘Buru-buru’ is an Indonesian phrase that means ‘in a hurry’ in English. I change my previous title because, through googling, I found out that Hayaku Haiku is already being used as a comic title.)



9 thoughts on “[Hello Japan!] Haiku Buru-buru

  1. You’ve written a beautiful haiku! So beautiful and melancholy like so many traditional haiku. Thanks so much for joining in the Hello Japan! mini-challenge.

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    • Hehehe, actually, when I wrote the link, I tend to use the blog owner’s usename along with the blog name. But it is tentative. ^^ I’ve already change the name. Thank you for letting me link your blog. 🙂 And thanks for the KR advice too 🙂

    • Hehehe, I wrote it as my own reflection. I’m so lazy, I need some spirit to do something fast and effective. I think everyone can write it, as long as we understand the rule. But, the most difficult thing for me is to put the effective words to deliver the Haiku’s message. Most of Haiku poets DO. With simple words, their Haiku is simply beautiful to read. While I’m just an amateur. Tehehe.

      Btw, congrats for you, Nov. My fav post is your post about cosplay. I don’t know. Just by looking how you write it, I know that you’ve got the talent on making lively post. I enjoy reading it a lot. I’m looking forward for your other posts.^^

    • poet is never my strong point 😦 I can only write prose.

      hehe thx 🙂

      I hope you will continue your Hello Japan post each month 🙂

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