“Because, You’re Eternal…” – Mr. Brain

Have you ever feel that somehow, a scene in a certain movie or dorama is able to touch your heart and make you just want to cry? Hehehe, I have. And that certain episodes are Mr. Brain’s episode 4-5: Nakagawa Masaru’s arc. I am an older sister with two younger brothers.  My dream is to make my parents and brothers happy in a good way. That’s why every time I’ve seen movies or doramas with family issues, well, don’t be surprised if I cry. LOL.
Credit goes to Mayumi and http://www.kehai-fansub.ht.cx/
Btw, I can’t find the video with English sub, tehehe.

*The video has been removed.

Back to Mr. Brain’s episodes, the one that made me cry is when Yuri Kazune-san (Ayase Haruka) tried to say that Nakagawa Jun (Kimura Tae) will always be remembered by Nakagawa Masaru (Takeru Sato). Kazune-san was trying hard to hold back her tears but she failed in saying that key word: “eternal”. Tsukumo Ryusuke (Kimura Takuya) was the one who finally said it. And, wow, the thing was sooo touching. ^^

Mr. Brain is a cool series with suspense, human drama, and little humor for refreshing the tension. All of you should check it out.

That is my experience on crying while watching dorama. How ’bout you? 🙂

Note: The beautiful piece played by Masaru as Kazune refered it to Jun is “Pavane for Dead Princess” by Maurice Ravel.


6 thoughts on ““Because, You’re Eternal…” – Mr. Brain

  1. mine to …. i dunno what they said but i am still watching it eventually i get what they said …. my fave part is Gackt and Yukie Nakama …. and also Kato Kayuki looks good there …..

    i still can’t believe that Tsukumo_san is aformer host, can’t u believe that from host to a neurologist ….? hahha but kimu_taku always plays good

    • Hey, we had that same thought! When I first time watching it, I just think that, “Wha? Is this Kimutaku?” How he behaves as host is sooo believable (well, I think most of J-actors are good in flirting, LOL. But, still…). IMHO, Tsukumo had the talent of seeing something from different side (Look how he managed to make the sad girl into smiling again… Even though that was an act of flirting, tehehehe…). However, his hidden talent arised after the accident (that scene also was surprising. Good editing to make people a lil bit shocked.) 🙂

  2. Hi, Noi. Thank you for commenting. Ya, I’m curious too. Well, Mr. Brain creator does know how to make people wondering and hoping for a second season, ne ?
    Kazune is really funny when it comes to her and Tsukumo relationship. All pages of Tsukumo’s magazine are full of her “face”. 😀

    • Wow, if it is true, I’ll wait. Yay. \>.</
      Besides, the real culprit in season one is still free, right? What I mean is, even Tsukumo found out about his act, but I don't know what happens next to him. Will he be caught by police right after Tsukumo met him and teased him with that candy? My Mr. Brain's movie files had this very very bad subtitle from episode 6 'till 8. T.T

  3. mr brain is my fave dorama …. i can’t say anything but this dorama except sughoii ….. i still wondering what tsukumo san is whisper on yuri’s ear befor he’s going to USA

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