[Top 5] Favorite Songs from Capsule’s Album: Player

If things go well according to plan, next week will be a VERY VERY busy week for me T.T. Hm, at least I’ve got new songs at my playlist. And, yup, these new songs are performed by Capsule, an electronica duo from Japan, with its newest album titled: Player. The duo itself consists of Yasutaka Nakata (the genius composer of Liar Game dorama soundtrack) and a female vocalist with cute voice, Koshijima Toshiko.  

“PLAYER” Cd Cover
(Image Source: cdjapan.co,jp

I found out about this duo from a commercial message at the end of Liar Game season 2. The CM said that musics from LG 2 and movie are available at this album. Intrigued by information from Wikipedia (Shibuya -Kei genre?! Yay! Yay! Yay!), I decided to check out “Player”.


Like most of Shibuya-Kei’s music artists, most of their songs (okay, here, in this album, all of their songs) are electronica sound. I don’t know about specific genre, but it feels like electropop with a lil bit jazz and pop-ish sound? There are also fast-beat songs that is similar to house/club/dance music. Hm, those ones are not my cup of tea.  

So, after a quick test drive ^^, I noted that these 5 songs really caught my attention. And they are…  


Love or Lies  

Ending theme for Liar Game 2nd season. It is a hyped-dance music with Koshijima-san’s voice is mixed with effect.  


I Wish You  

I like the R&B beat. Koshijima’s voice is also heavily mixed with effect and blended with the synth instrument.  


Stay with You

This is Liar Game: Final Stage’s theme song. I haven’t watch it yet, but I can’t help it to imagine what will happen to Nao and Akiyama’s relationship as the song lyrics is like… hinted something??? Hehehe, I don’t know. I think this song is a perfect opening to the album itself.  


I was Wrong  

This is the most “quiet” piece from this album. The song is sung in English. I like the lyrics, the beat, the composition, and how Koshijima-san’s voice changed from low tone at the beginning to a lil bit higher tone and childish voice at chorus.  


Can I Have A Word  

I love how this song evolves from the beginning to the end. I think I’d love to play this song when I’m driving my car (note: in the future… hehehehe). I like the chorus too (come on, come on!!!). The song started with synth string (correct me if I’m wrong), then the synth drums gradually formed the beat. Yeah, come on, come on!!!  

How ’bout you? Which one is your favorite?


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