[Top 5] Cool Guys from H2!!!

Hm, I have watched H2 with full excitement ^^. Great casts, especially the boys. Gyehehehe. I liked them better than any other dorama with bishounens (like hanakimi, HYD, etc).
Here are my top 5-list actors from the series. Oh, btw, if you haven’t watched H2 yet, this article may contains spoiler!!!

Mori Ren as Yanagi Morimichi

Like his father, Yanagi Morimichi loves baseball. Due to circumstances, his father doesn’t allow him to play baseball again. He reluctantly joined the baseball club, but finally he couldn’t resist his own will (yep, he is the “flu” guy!! ! ^^). His father finally gave permission for establishing a baseball club at school. Then, Yanagi finally asked his own father to support him in playing baseball.

Hm, I wonder, where did I see him before? He is looked familiar. Then I found out that Mori Ren also starred in My Boss My Hero as Yasuhara-san!!! Wew, he looks different in MBMH with those glasses. Hm, still good looking ^^.

Hojo Takahiro as Sagawa Shuji

Sagawa Shuji envied Hideo who can play baseball happily. Sagawa was also a baseball player. However, when his brother had an accident that killed his chance to be play baseball again, Sagawa bears a deep scar in his heart. He always blamed Hideo for the accident and hated him for that.

Hehehe, Hojo Takahiro, ne? He is the guy that played in Kamen Rider Blade as Mutsuki, the emo guy!!! I think he fits the role as a young man with angst in his heart ^^.

Ishigaki Yuma as Kine Ryutaro

Kine is an arrogant guy from the soccer club. As the series progress, he is more like the clown guy ^^. He is funny all the way. Especially when Hideo “mocks” him (he even didn’t realized that Hideo is lying ^^). He liked Haruka at first, but finally he had his own girlfriend (I love this couple!!!). Even though he formerly joined soccer club and seemed to hate baseball, he has a talent to pitch at baseball (even though he isn’t as genius as Hiro, of course).

Ishigaki Yuma always looks great in making dorama livelier. Most of his role is being an energetic person. I like him more here than when he acted in Hana Kimi and Azumi.

Yamada Takayuki as Hiro Kunimi

The H2 main character that initially wanted to quit baseball due to his elbow problem. However, a “fated” meeting showed him that baseball is his life. Thanks to Haruka, he stepped back to the sport that he loves. He is a talented baseball pitcher and enjoying every bit of it. Baseball also brought him to meet Hideo (his sport and love rival) and gave chance to win back her first love.

I also enjoy Takayuki Yamada’s role here. Great character. Love how he manages to tell the audiences about how dilemmatic he is. Watching Yamada as Hiro, I even didn’t realized that he also plays as a criminal at Boss!!! He is so different there!!!

Tanaka Koutaro as Hideo Tachibana

Hideo is a cool person, but isn’t that cool when it comes to her girlfriend thing. ^^. What I mean is, along in the series, Hideo seemed trying hard to be strong. That is why he challenged Hikari to choose, him or Hiro. In the end, he realized that he isn’t that though to gamble with fate by giving that option. He loved Hikari, whether he was a weak or strong guy.

Wew, I really like Tanaka Koutarou here. He is convincing as a baseball batter. He has a firm body posture. He is like a real athlete!!! Love, love, love!!! He is also has a good-looking face ^^.

And, that is all for today!!!


4 thoughts on “[Top 5] Cool Guys from H2!!!

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  3. Hihihi, Hiro kan favorit elo ^^. Yanagi itu wajahnya anak-anak sekali ya? Imut sekali. Tp secara karakter, dia kurang “rame” (ya iyalah, dia di situ jadi anak baik bangeeet…). Maka itu, Kine lbh “mencuri” perhatian. Soalnya karakternya sendiri adalah karakter yg “caper” bukan? 😀

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