[Top 5] Enjoying “Moon” Songs

This time I want to list my favorite songs that have the word “Moon” as their title. Let us see which one that is also your favorite.

Fly Me to the Moon (originally sung by Felicia Sanders)

An old song with funky lyric (of course it is my opinion ^^). Why I say funky? It is because how the song took names of planets just to distract us from the real message of the song: “In other words, hold me. In other words, I love you.” Haha, gombal sekallleee… Tapi saya suka ni lagu.

Moon by Gabriela Robin

This is another masterpiece from Yoko Kanno. This song is featured in Turn A Gundam movie as its theme song. Sung in an original made-up language, it gives you the thrill and hurt of war.

Moon Child by Cibo Matto

I don’t really know why. Every time I hear this song, it helps me to ease my mood, as if there is an imaginary friend that will hear my story patiently and sincerely.

Moon River (originally sung by Audrey Hepburn)

An old song, taken from Audrey Hepburn’s movie: Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This song will never be old, I guess. The melody is eternal, even if it’s played now. My favorite lines are “You’re dream maker; you’re heart breaker” and “Two drifters off to see the world.” It was like telling us a story about two people wander to find something in this world and end up meeting each other by fate. Waaw, this song is so damn romantic.

To the Moon and Back by Savage Garden

This is second track from Savage Garden that I know after “I Want You”.  To the Moon and Back is a song with heavy imagery things, a metaphor about a dream of a girl, seeking for “the right kind of pilot” to come. To be honest, this is soundtrack of my life!!! Really!!! Just put away the “Mama never loves her much and Daddy never keep in touch.” Still, I’m a girl that “shies away from human affection”. Tehehehe. So, would you be my baby? ^^ (cur-col lageee).


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