[Poll] (Closed) Top 5 List Unrequited Love Songs

Hi, hi, hi. Welcome back to Across Dhitz Universe ^^ After writing several posts about Top 5 List, this thought just comes up: Why don’t I invite you -the readers- to make up the list??? Yup, this time, I need your participation guys and gals. For next month, I’ll feature “Unrequited Love Songs” as topic. Of course, I have my own favorites, but it is nice if I also know what are yours too.

Therefore, in order to fulfill this mission, I utilize one of WP facility: Poll. Below, you’ll find my ten favorite songs about one-sided love, unrequited love, can’t be together kind of love, etc. I need you to help me reduced the list into five only. Just tick the one that you like, and wait until the end of the next month to find out the result. Well, I hope you’d like to help me, tehehe. If you don’t, well, I’ll just pick up my own Top 5 then ^^.

Btw, here is the list.

Ah, if you have any other songs that aren’t mention at this list, just post them at comment form below. I’ll count them too.

Hope you take part. 🙂

Note per August 5th, 2010: I just found out that  the result of this poll has changed. He– that means that 1 or two people voted after the official result announced. Sorry, you’re a lil bit late. Tehehe. So anyone who voted Coldplay and Aqualung, thanks!


8 thoughts on “[Poll] (Closed) Top 5 List Unrequited Love Songs

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  3. Oh iya ya. Kok ga ada unintended? Kelupaan, kelupaan. Baiklah, unintended gue hitung 1 suara ya? 🙂
    Menurut gue, banyak yg bkn Top 5 karena membuat list itu menyenangkan ^^, bisa berbagi apa yang menjadi favorit sekaligus memberi rekomendasi pada org lain. Gue bikin Top 5 karena gue sndiri suka jg liat2 Top 5 orang lain. Soalnya, bisa jd bahan prtimbangan kalau mo nonton film, beli/dl album dll. Jd, kalau makin byk yg bkn Top 5, makin byk rekomendasi yg bs dilihat deh.

    • iya emang…pas nulis Top 5 video Laruku..enak bgt rasanya, trus jadi pgn nulis Top-5 mulu. Hehehe Top-5 bulan depan pun sudah disiapkan, ga sabar nunggu waktu yg tepat untuk dipublish hehehe *senyum2 mesum* ;p

      Akhirnya sih milih Endlessly 🙂

  4. wah ternyata banyak juga ya yg suka bikin top-5 list… hehe sy mau bikin top-5 jd acara menulis bulanan seperti tribute for Larc en Ciel.

    Kok ga ada unintended? Endlessly emang unrequited love song tp Unintended lebih powerful rasa kasih tak sampainya

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