[Top 5] Best Instrumental Pieces

Lately, I kinda addicted to orchestral/instrumental musics that appears in games and doramas. I just listen to them, repeatedly…  It feels like being thrown into those imaginative world!!! (Ups, I am just joking ^^). Here are my most favorite ones.

Rising Road from Proposal Daisakusen

Wew, the piano melodies got me humming it exactly when Pro-Dai opening title appeared. It fits the dorama, especially when you saw Kei running all over ^^. No wonder, the song title is Rising Road, tehehe. This song is a light-hearted and joyful one, just like the dorama itself.

Aerith Theme from FF VII Advent Children

Final Fantasy is one of RPG games that have a lot of great and memorable soundtrack. One of my favorite is Aerith Theme. Try to hear the Orchestra Version from FF VII Advent Children. For me, it is a lot more grandeur feels.

Beethoven’s Symphony No.7 from Nodame Cantabile

The classic piece that made Nodame Cantabile live-action drama is a superb! I smiled a lot when Chiaki’s S-oke played it at the stage for the first time at Momogaoka College, then had this urge to cry when this great piece became a good-bye song for Chiaki and R*S Orchestra at Suntory Hall. The first part is a little bit slow, but when the flute part begins, it acts as the bridge to the dynamic part at the middle. The ending part is also my favorite section.

Garden of God from Chrono Cross

A relaxing music with dreamy choir that is played during Chrono Cross’ title screen. It is also a Battle Theme in confronting the Blue Dragon. I love most of Chrono Cross soundtrack, but Garden of God is the most memorable theme for me. If you need something to calm you down, you should try to hear this one.

Departure from Good Luck!!

The excitement. The thrill. The passion. The spirit. Weew, this music always give me a chill and set up good mood every time I am stuck in a problem. As you maybe already knew, Good Luck is a dorama about never give up on your dream.  “Departure” really brings the theme aloud. Started with the sound of airplanes, the beat of synth drums, beautiful melodies that led by the strings…  Try to listen it while closing your eyes and imagine that you’re flying and reaching the sky… I just reaaalllyyy looovvveee it! Yeah, Good Luck rocks!!! FYI, the alternate version (the quiet ver) also beautifuuulll!!!


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