[Top 5] Songs from Space Bio Charge (Yoko Kanno’s Best Album)

Do you know Yoko Kanno? Well, if you haven’t know her, then I think this is the right time to know her and her music. She is one of Japan’s brilliant composer that already famous for her works in animes, j-pop scenes, games, as well as movies and doramas. And now, her best compilation is ready to be collected.

Image Source: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/

My first introduction to Yoko Kanno is a song called “Purachina/Platina“. Yup, I guess most of Cardcaptor Sakura fans love this 3rd opening very much. But, I didn’t know it was her work back then. The song that made me aware of her talent is “Light of Love” from Brain Powerd that is sung perfectly by Sakamoto Maaya (she is the one that also sing Platinum!).

Soon I fell in love to her music. I browsed the internet and found out that her famous works are featured in Jin Roh, Wolf’s Rain, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Escaflowne, and etc. Of all her composition, I found out that her Cowboy Bebop OSTs are the most interesting topics in many forums.

As I told you at first paragraph, yup, Yoko Kanno’s best album is already out and ready to fill your music collection. You can read its tracklist at Wikipedia.

From the list, I recommend Inner Universe, Moon, Yakusoku wa Iranai, Voices, and I Do. Yup, those are my top 5 list for this album. Unfortunately, my other favorite songs, Grace~Omega~, Einstein Groovin’, Sora, and Omega Blue, aren’t included in that 3cds package.

Well, if you like anime music, you should give this a try. If you’re Yoko Kanno’s fans, buy it ^^!


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