[QUIZ] Which Persona Characters are You?

Kadang-kadang kita ga tau bagaimana cara menggambarkan diri kita. Mungkin itulah yang mendorong orang-orang membuat (dan mengikuti tentunya) kuis-kuis kepribadian baik yang sifatnya serius atau sekedar iseng-iseng. Nah, di hari Jum’at ini, saya mau nge-post hasil kepribadian saya sesuai karakter-karakter yang ada di game Persona 2, 3, dan 4. Not really accurate, but check them out!

1. I am serious like Katsuya Suou


get an affinity reading *link is dead
What Persona 2 Character Are You?
Created by hayama.ws

dhitZ says, “Katsuya is the most interesting character in Persona 2. And cool too. Ups, okay, back to the topic. I kind of serious, just like him. And love my brothers too!”

2. I am quiet like Minato Arisato

You have all kinds of personalities.
Most of the time you’re quiet and caring.
One more thing….”Orpheus!” (thanks to SlayerO)

Personality Test Results
What Persona 3 Character Are You?
Hosted by quiztron

dhitZ says, “I am a caring person. Well, but no one cares for me though. Heu—”

3. I am timid like Yukiko Amagi

What Persona Four Character Are You?
What Persona 4 Character Are You?
Hosted By theOtaku.com: Anime

dhitZ says, “Timid, eh? I think so. But, strong? I don’t think I am that strong. Hieee… maybe having a persona would make me stronger. Tehehe.”

Dare to try it on your own?


5 thoughts on “[QUIZ] Which Persona Characters are You?

    1. Hi! Well, I guess the Persona 2 quiz’s link is dead. T.T and I don’t know whether the first Persona quiz ever exist at the time I posted this.
      Thx for visiting.

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