[Top 5] Silent Hill OST

Waw, it has been so long since my last post, ne? Today, I decide to post the regular feature of this blog. Yup, yup. It is the “My Top 5 List”. As for now, I’m going to list my favorite vocal song from the realm of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill -as many people have already known- is a Konami’s horror game franchise that brings the darkness, sadness, and hatred of human with a local town called “Silent Hill” as the game’s main setting. To make the game creepier yet disturbing, Akira Yamaoka did his great job by composing musical pieces for this game.

Starting from Silent Hill 3, despite only having instrumental music, the game finally has vocal theme song. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is soon gaining fans through “You’re Not Here” and she remains faithfully as the main singer for most of Silent Hill OST.

Of all Silent Hill vocal tracks, there are five notable song that I like the most. Well, here I go…


You’re Not Here

Taken from Silent Hill 3 OST, this song has an ear-catching beat and add modern-adolescent feel to the franchise. It is a rocking tune that is very memorable for the fans.



I don’t know why, but when I heard this SH Zero/Origins opening theme for the first time, I thought it is sung by Everything But The Girl. ^^ Love the drums here. One of the great trip-hop music from Akira Yamaoka.


Soldier’s Order

This song is a theme for Alex, the main character of Silent Hill: Homecoming. It is so minimalist but manage to ‘haunt’ me with its monotonous melody. The lyric really describes what happens in SH: Homecoming.


Letter from the Lost Days

Very, very beatiful and smart lyric. It told us to be happy always but it is sung in a depression tone. Smooth melody from the beginning till the end.


Room of Angel

Really heart-aching. It is the main theme of Silent Hill 4 and also played at Cynthia’s death scene that leaves impression how powerless Henry in facing the fate. However, the lyrics actually is an expression of Walter Sullivan’s hatred for not having a mother at his side since he was born.

So? Which one is your favorite?

Note: Complete lyrics of any Silent Hill vocal songs can be found at http://www.silenthillmemories.net/.


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