[LYRICS] ROSA by Violet UK

Recently, I’ve watched a movie titled “Goemon”, a Kazuaki Kiriya’s adaptation of a legendary thief: Ishikawa Goemon. Its theme song is beautifully composed by Yoshiki, one of X-Japan former members, under his project called “Violet UK”. The song itself sung by Katie Fitzgerald. I think is a sweet yet sad love song with a poetic lyric. Let us sing our hopeless love then, shall we?


by Violet UK

Feeling the wind blowing from the sea
Caressing my skin with its breaths
To trace my memories carved in the sand
I’d be crawling at the bottom of the ocean

Kiss me softly in the daydream
Love’s undressing the sky
Of suicide blue
Embrace its beauty lost in the steam
The stream of the clouds still blinding my eyes

Will you wipe my tears
If you are the rain
Will you dry my face
If you are the wind

That’s swaying roses
Spreading the red
Into the sky that’ll veil
And close my eyes
I still see your smile

For complete lyric, please click the source: www.yoshikinet.com. This is a great site that covers Yoshiki.


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