Another poetry inspired by a melody of Yoko Kanno’s song. Titled “Sora” (taken from Escaflowne The Movie), this song is written in Spanish (please correct me if I’m wrong). It really intrigued me to make a tribute to it. The song itself tells us about the story of Gaia (Escaflowne’s setting) and choices that wait in front of the main character: to save or to destroy it.

Wind chants a lullaby
Invites you to see me cry
Think twice, all that you’ve done
Has brought joy to its end
Before all of you die
And regret it

Wind dances a perfect phase
As rain leaves traces on my face
This time, one sided love
Won’t help the pain to go
Creating flames: destructive
That’s what you are

Always being left and thrown away
Still my love is sincere
From continent ’till ocean,
I’ll give you love more than just words

Always take but never give away
‘Till nothing left to share
Think of that
You’re part of this world

Wind chants a lullaby
Here’s my time to say goodbye
In time, you’ll find out why
There’s always price to pay
Before all of you die
And regret it

© Copyright 2008 dhitz_thanks_anonymous (UN: dhitz at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. Modified by dhitZ for Monday Poetry Potluck on Oct 5th, 2010.


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