Just a quick post. Akhirnyaaa… Shikamaru-Temari is confirmed to be canon! Lalala. Tapi sayangnya selama manga Naruto berlangsung, hint2 antara mereka ga banyak, bahkan kupikir Kishimoto did really mean it: to “separate” Shika from Temari and end the Shikatema fans’ dream (remember the coding girl in Pain’s arc?) Anywaaay, I really can’t see how the […]

CKoTB Taekwondo’s First Match

Hi, hi! I’m dhitz and I’m happy to watch Cool Kiz on the Block latest episode in KBS World. This first taekwondo gyeorugi match reminded me of first pingpong match where set in indoor studio, with families of the opponent team are there to cheer and the interview with the opponent team members segment: which […]